Anti-Spam Policy

Spam is Unsolicited Email

Spam is unsolicited commercial email (UCE) that has not been requested or expected by its recipient. SoGoSurvey has a zero tolerance spam policy. SoGoSurvey will terminate its services immediately to a customer if any violation is found. If you suspect any violation, please notify us at

Relation with ISP and Blacklist Admin

If you are an ISP or blacklist administrator, you may also contact us at We request that you forward the complete email in question, including headers. We will take suitable action, as per our strict anti-spam policy, against the senders of such emaill. SoGoSurvey has built or is in the process of building relationships with most leading ISPs and blacklist administrators. This is to ensure that we can continue to deliver email on behalf of our customers to recipients who are opted-in for such emails within the framework of individual ISPs.

For SoGoSurvey Users

All users of our SoGoSurvey’s Web based software must agree to sending only permission-based email invites as part of agreeing to the End User Service Agreement (EUSA) at the time of signup. This means that all recipients of emails must have opted-in to receive communications from the sending organization. An opt-in can be any of the following:

  • Via a sign-up form on a web site
  • At a point-of-sale (POS) sign-up form
  • On a physical sign-up sheet

Any opt-in form should include a clear description of what will be sent and how often it will be sent. SoGoSurvey does not allow use of purchased lists within the SoGoSurvey system, regardless of the source or permission status. As a user of SoGoSurvey, you need to protect yourself from sending spam. You should:

  • Make sure that your email’s Subject does not have misleading information and restricted key words.
  • Make sure the From name and email address are correct and specific.
  • Make sure that email is not going to non-specific email addresses such as:,, or general email addresses.
  • Avoid using third party information without their permission.

Also, you may NOT:

  • Use purchased lists of any kind..
  • Harvest emails from various web sites.
  • Add an email address into a list without the subscriber’s permission.
  • Have a subscription form that subscribes users to an unrelated list.
  • Continue to email someone who has requested to be removed from your list.

Policy Enforcement

  • A record is saved of every email that is sent through the system.
  • SoGoSurvey ensures that all emails have the user’s name and email address by default.
  • Opt-out link is included by default in all emails sent from
  • SoGoSurvey immediately updates its database to avoid the chance of sending unwanted emails to visitors who have unsubscribed.
  • Any customer found to be using SoGoSurvey for spam will be immediately cut-off from use of the product.

Procedure for Handling Complaints

We have a zero tolerance spam policy. If you send any spam, your account will be immediately disabled. SoGoSurvey is intended for businesses and organizations that have a clean list(s) of emails that are obtained through opt-in. You can only use our software if you can adhere to our very strict anti-spam policy. Each complaint of spam will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken upon completion of investigation.


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