Healthcare and Patient Experience Management Solution

Support data-driven care with deep insights and a multi-faceted solution that puts the voice of staff and patients at its core.

Flexible and agile
Manage experiences across touchpoints

With Sogolytics, you can optimize experience management to discover what resonates with your patients and staff. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that scales as you do.

Get started quickly and launch surveys within days, or for more robust implementations, your data and systems can be fully automated within weeks.

Command the journey
and optimize their experiences

Keep an eye on the total view to better understand your patients and staff, and then zero in on each touchpoint to provide exceptional care and support.

Tap into the pulse

Capture employee and patient feedback, actively listen, and uncover key drivers for their satisfaction.

Innovate the idea of care

Gather critical patient experience data that can inform decisions on patient care, safety, and risk to help foster desired patient outcomes.

Break down internal silos

Help your patient experiences soar with staff armed with comprehensive data to support every aspect of care.

Improve rankings, drive brand awareness, and monitor patient sentiment to manage your reputation online.
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NEED EXCEPTIONAL patient experience?

Identify, strategize, and act on key drivers of unique patient experiences.
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Want engaged employees?

Foster a culture of engaged employees through a solution intuitively designed to amplify employee voices.
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Do you know what matters most?

Gather and analyze patient feedback to provide personalized healthcare experiences with Sogolytics.

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Hear what our
customers are saying!

“Feedback where you need it most”

“Sogolytics enables us to obtain feedback from patients regarding our staff and then use that feedback to figure out what areas are needed to work on.”

Jelissa Tunstall

Operation Manager
Virginia Physicians For Women

“Put personal touch back at the forefront”

“The ability to generate reports through Sogo allows the Legacy managed facilities to spend more focus on providing care to their respective residents, rather than configuring data. Sogo helped our facilities uphold one of their core values: personal touch.”

Brandy Middleton

Director of Marketing and Engagement
Legacy Healthcare

“A comprehensive view at your fingertips”

“I love your Sogo software. It’s everything I need to create a survey right at my fingertips. But not just create it, it also allows me to manage and review the data – even import/export to different places. It’s a one-stop shop for everything — access to data and reporting tools. Sogo puts me in the command chair. I can now do it myself.”


Data Resources Coordinator
Association for Utah Community Health

Keep your data safe, secure, and compliant

Reduce stress with seamless integrations, the flexibility to adapt as you learn, and real-time results.

Omnichannel feedback

Gather patient experience feedback through email, mobile chat, web forms, SMS, and more. Collect data at the right time, via your patients’ preferred channel.

HCAHPS ready

Collect the patient feedback you need to comply with the HCAHPS survey with our advanced healthcare survey software.

API integration

Automate surveys and simplify delivery. SogoCX integrates with your EHR or CRM system to bring all of your patient experience data together.

HIPAA compliant

Fully HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified, SogoCX safeguards patient health information through strict security standards.

See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach to healthcare with a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet your needs.

A healthy system requires balance, which is why Sogolytics offers a full set of tools to tackle healthcare data collection and experience management.

Start with intake forms and simple feedback collection in SogoCore. Prioritize patient experience at every stage of care with the power of SogoCX. Flip to SogoEX to focus in on your employees’ experiences, from pulse to engagement and professional development and assessment. Encourage follow-up or outreach around the clock with SogoConnect, a streamlined ticketing system.

Sogolytics makes it easier to bring together insights from your stakeholders so you can provide better care, better connections, and a better community.

Grow Online Reviews and Attract New Patients
Don’t know where to start?
Explore our top healthcare survey templates

Want to understand your patient satisfaction or conduct patient risk assessments? Or maybe you’re looking to gather patient feedback on clinic visits or want to delve into patient outcomes. No matter your needs, Sogolytics has a wealth of survey templates to help get you started on any project.

Start from a template in the bank, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Customize it to fit your needs and gather the data to inform smarter decisions. Need some help? We’re only a click away from helping you be successful.

Patient Satisfaction Survey
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Clinic Evaluation Survey
Clinic Evaluation Survey
Hospital Performance Evaluation Survey
Hospital Performance Evaluation Survey
Staff performance Feedback
Staff performance Feedback
What is patient experience’s role in healthcare?

It’s an integral part of healthcare and the quality of care. Patient experience focuses on the perception of service, care, or facility the patient has, and it’s an important voice to echo through your strategies.

What are ways you can improve patient experience?

There are several ways you can improve patient experience, but the best way is to remember PED—or patients, employees, and data. The voice of the patient has been proven to improve patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. Your staff is crucial to providing excellent service, caring for patients, and promoting positive work environments for their peers. With data, you can delve into what your patients and employees are really telling you for a complete view of where to invest resources.

How does online reputation management affect patient experience?

Your online reputation may be the difference between gaining patients or not. On average, 71% of patients use reviews when deciding on a new doctor. Boosting your online reputation can help you acquire new patients and retain your current ones!

How can patient experience data help my facility assess patient risk?

By analyzing patient experience data, you can identify potential risk areas for your patients and act. This, with clinical data, gives a more comprehensive view of the patient, enabling better risk analysis. What’s great is that doing this can also improve patient satisfaction, safety, practice efficiency, and online reputation!


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