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citizen engagement solution

Find out what your constituents need—and prioritize the policies, programs, and
initiatives that most benefit the public good.

Capture accurate feedback from your community

Sogolytics helps you transform the power of feedback to
bridge the gap between government and citizens.
Get to know your community

Gather feedback, understand public sentiment, and connect with your constituents easily with Sogolytics.

Build Impactful Surveys

Flexible and affordable

Create surveys that match your requirements. Sogolytics is easy to implement, simple to use, and includes all the features you need at a price that makes sense—even on a tight budget.
Ensure Confidentiality

Safe and secure

Top-tier, end-to-end security keeps your data locked tight. Sogolytics is ISO 27001 certified, offering you the highest level of assurance in our business processes and practices.
Create seamless processes

Powerful integration

Sogolytics integrates with your existing processes and systems, and can also be embedded within your current applications and website, providing a seamless experience for your users.
Start a conversation with
your community—and keep it going

Encourage candid feedback from your constituents with anonymous and confidential surveys. Give respondents the privacy they need to share their concerns—and collect the feedback you need to make better decisions.

Automate the Feedback Process

“Close the loop” on constituent comments by routing feedback to the right people for an immediate response.

Get Alerted About Critical Concerns

“Show constituents you’re always listening—define triggers and set up email alerts to flag negative feedback so you can address issues before anyone vents on social media.

Understand Prevalent Sentiments

Measure satisfaction with facilities, infrastructure projects, or the potential fallout from changes in policies or statutes.

Ensure Connectedness

Build public trust by making it easy for constituents to engage with public officials via feedback forms that are readily available with easy website embedding.

Align your mission with public sentiment

To find out what your constituents want and need, you need to ask. Connect with citizens, voters, and community members, and take action on the issues that matter most to them.

Know Your People

Take a quick pulse check of community sentiment on any issue to understand where they stand.

Identify Key Priorities

Determine what priorities to set for city and municipal councils with powerful survey analytics.

Get Insightful Feedback

Ask for feedback on civic events to learn about prevalent perceptions and concerns.

Learn Prevalent Concerns

Zero in on pain points and learn what legislative priorities resonate with constituents to determine the path ahead.

Understand Information Gaps

Boost awareness around issues, safety concerns, or new projects by understanding what needs more focus using assessments.

Accurately Assess Impact

Gather feedback on important policy changes before legislative wheels are set in motion.

Create Easy Polls

Assess the political climate before elections and get accurate feedback with quick polls.

Compare and Understand

Uncover concerns specific to select communities with the help of advanced filters.

Go beyond paper-based surveys

Paper-based surveys will only get you so far, and have limitations on the quality and types of data that can be collected. With Sogolytics, you can add an extra dimension to your data collection and gather more dependable, quantifiable data through online surveys.

Concise, straightforward online surveys get more responses and thoughtful feedback—and Sogolytics offers an in-depth catalog of templates based on citizen survey questions that can be easily tailored to your needs.

Meet critical compliance standards

Our survey templates are 508-compliant, and meet all US standards for respondents with disabilities. Sogolytics also complies with EU Safe Harbor and US-Swiss Safe Harbor laws.

Assess the skills and engagement of
military recruits, new employees, or volunteers

Sogolytics helps you gather important recruit, employee, or volunteer engagement data. Gauge employees’ skills and knowledge, assess recruit readiness, find areas of growth for employees, or determine which benefits will best suit your workforce.

Assess Satisfaction
Correlate employee satisfaction data with metrics from other systems and better understand the relationship between your employees or volunteers and citizens.

Optimize Productivity
Gain insight into key drivers of managers and employee engagement to help boost service to the public and ensure your people are performing at their highest level.

Learn Sentiments
Test new safety protocols, gauge morale among employees or military recruits, and understand learning gaps and productivity pain points to take impactful measures.

Capture Feedback
Gather post-training feedback for military service or government training programs to understand how they can be improved for better engagement and learning.

Make decisions based on data, not intuition

Sogolytics helps you get the most accurate answers by amplifying engagement, increasing responses, and analytics that steal the show. Identify the factors that contribute to your success, as well as the obstacles you need to overcome.

Tailor Your Survey

Boost feedback from your constituents by pre-populating data or offering anonymous and confidential surveys. Give respondents the privacy they need to share their concerns. 

Stay in the Know

Generate real-time alerts at critical moments to take timely action. 

Compare and Filter Results

With just a few clicks, compare data by demographic, date range, or a specific question or benchmark. 

Employ Multichannel Distribution

Amplify the reach of your surveys through multiple channels, including email, social media, SMS, and more.

View Ready Reports

Generate and download professional, presentation-ready reports, get a quick snapshot of the results, or dive deeper.

Share Insights

Give select insiders access to view real-time results, metrics, and insights. Communicate your findings to decision-makers to gain backing and approval, and determine next steps.

Don’t just take our word for it

Sogolytics helps state, local, and federal governmental agencies gather and analyze the data they need to make better decisions.
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Understand concerns and take actions
that make a positive impact with Sogolytics.

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