“A+ Products & Services”

– Better Business Bureau

– TrustPilot

“I love using Sogo!”

– Renita Bryant, SightsSet LLC

Highest rated software “

– Capterra

“Sogo is a feature-rich modern online survey tool that is pleasant to use and is a good value. Its reporting function is a notch above many competitors.”

– PC Mag, October 2018

“It was an incredible tool to use from an administrator's point of view...”

– Suzanne Beck, Blue Sky Recruitment

“Such a user friendly tool.”

– Claudia Phillipsz-Jones, Expertise

“I really value the ability to receive real time alerts...”

– Chris Williams, Medspeed

“I love Sogo’s advanced branching tools.”

– Tracey Birosak, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

“We use surveys to listen to the 'collective voice' of many groups in our community... worked beautifully!”

– Karen Derby, Bay Village Schools

“Sogo’s customer service experience is second to none.”

– Nejla Liias, Global Health Visions

“It works! We highly recommend Sogo for business...”

– Mark Pearl, The Center for Morton’s Neuroma

Don’t believe us.

Believe everyone else.

"Excellent product for a very good price!”

Chrissy Morse

"The insight from the feedback offered managers the opportunity to improve the experience effectively.”

Maria Urquiola

"They are powerful, readily customizable and intersected well with SPSS.”

Paul Horn

"Sogo’s product fits my needs perfectly.”

John Butorac

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We support you with seriously fast, reliable customer service

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Bay Village Schools

Karen Derby

Director of Communications
Bay Village Schools, Ohio

“We use surveys to listen to the “collective voice” of many groups in our community, but we don’t have emails for everyone. The Survey Access Codes feature allowed us to invite a sample of our residents through postal mail and maintain survey integrity with unique passwords. It worked beautifully!”

Marisa Geisler


Operations Manager
Hamline University

“Ability for respondents to print out their responses once they’re finished, “Switch Invitations” feature that allows changes to be made even after a survey is live, ability to save and then return later to finish longer surveys. We were drawn to Sogo because it offers some very important and user-friendly features that meet our needs.”

Christian Tesch

Business Analyst
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

“User-friendly, Sogo has great functionalities in terms of data analysis.”

Brian Colluci

Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton LLP

“My job requires building consensus among several hundred shareholders. Sogo enables me to quickly and easily develop actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.”

Maria Urquiola

Human Resources Manager
Embassy Suites by Hilton

“The insight from employee feedback offered managers the opportunity to improve employee experience effectively.”

Chrissy Morse

Real Estate Administrator
World Vision

“Excellent product for a very good price! Saved us thousands of dollars from using a different database. Is very end user friendly. Appreciate the tracking details of each participant. I can see if they received the survey, read it, when they completed it, or what they did with it, so I know how to follow up with them. Can easily customize the survey with our logo and graphics.”

Amber Childress

Colorado State University

“A feature-rich online survey tool for all the features that I needed in a survey (e.g. export to .csv for analysis, anonymous responses, questions utilizing piping / skip logic / branching, multiple question types -Likert, matrix grid, multiple choice, etc. -, create similar printable version, etc.)”

Melissa Love

Everybody Up

“After teams come in for our improv workshops, we use Sogo to collect their feedback for possible testimonials and case studies. The platform’s easy to use and it’s faster for folks to fill something out online. We used to get some anecdotal feedback, like a vague sort of “That was great!”, but now we get more engagement and better responses that we can actually use.”

John Butorac


“Sogo’s product fits my needs perfectly. Reasonably priced, flexible customizations to create any type of survey needed, ease of sending the survey, receiving the results and reminders.”

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John Ruppel


WR Strategic

“Sogo has always have been prompt with responses and phone calls, courteous when we failed to understand and quite intuitive when we required help. We continue to be pleased with Sogo. Let it be said we think of Sogo and its people as partners.”

Barbara Karlen

Research Coordinator
Vedam Birth Place Lab,
UBC Division of Midwifery

“When we were first looking for a company to host our survey and came across the offer you had at the time, I thought it was too good to be true. Sogo is really fast, extremely helpful – Support team correcting everything more than once for us when we needed help – and they are always very professional.”

Dorian Asher


Grad Student
Spalding University

“I’ve really enjoyed Sogo and, in my opinion, it’s the best survey platform out there for the price. Easy to use branching and skip logic in the survey reduces unnecessary items and the amount of time participants need to complete the survey. Variety of data analysis options that allow a quick visual of data and makes exploratory data analysis easy.”

Lori Laraia

Office Manager
Missions Door

“Above all I am very happy with the support that Sogo gives to its customers. The service is easy to use as well. I am looking forward to what new things we will be able to do with our surveys.”

Mark Pearl

Founder, MD
The Center for Morton’s Neuroma

“We are really pleased with the Sogo tool. Three top things that come to mind from our collaboration with Sogo are: 1 – Terrific client support. 2 – The system is always online; never any downtime or bugs at all. It is very reliable. 3- We are getting answers to our questions and making improvements/tweaks to our processes here to provide our clients with best results.”


Renee Morgan

Executive Assistant

“My favorite things about Sogo are the intuitive interface, powerful customization, individual reports, and quick/friendly support.”

Paul Horn

Grad Student/Consultant
Bootstrap Consulting

“Found the so go surveys platform work very well for my dissertation research. They are powerful, readily customizable and intersected well with SPSS. Everything about my survey looked professional. I enjoyed tracking responses to my survey. because everything happens immediately, I could tell what approaches were working best to encourage survey enrolment.”

Rodolfo Lerma


Commercial Director

“Easy of use (can copy from prior surveys, from question bank) , you can PrePopulate (I did use Survey Monkey but changed to yours because of it few years ago), Support team is great (fast answer to tickets, friendly people, have the chance to change almost any message from your survey to Spanish and this help us a lot.”

Cameron Smith


Risk Assessment Manager
Protect Your Risk

“We have recently evaluated a number of the Survey platforms just to ensure that Sogo is giving us the design functionality and for users, a satisfactory usability experience, required (cost was not a consideration in our evaluation) and none of the platforms we evaluated could provide us with either the functionality or usability we get from Sogo.”

Michelle Malkin


Michigan State University
School of Criminal Justice

“I finally found an online survey tool I like better than Survey Monkey; this vlog explains why.”

Edward Terry


Manager of Information Services
Caplin & Drysdale

“I tried another survey tool and it just wasn’t sophisticated enough to provide the results I needed. The branching and logic in Sogo was easier to use and it gave me the data I required.”

Paula Martin


International Matrix Management

“The International Matrix Management Institute selected Sogo because of its great report formatting. Clients enter their data and we can send them nicely formatted PowerPoint and Word files. It’s easy, it works, and it’s economical.”

Jenna Warner


Communications and Member
Relations Coordinator,
The Campus Club, The University of
Texas at Austin

“I really liked being able to track the responses like who opened the email and who completed the survey or not. My boss was very impressed with the graphs I sent her.”

Renee Graphia Joyal

VP Research
Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation

“Sogo has been one of the best online survey tools I have used! It is easy and intuitive to use, giving you many customizable options! Thanks Sogo for making the online survey experience a breeze!”

Lina Svirskyte


“I am thrilled that it is so easy to design a survey with Sogo. I am genuinely amazed that the tool allows you to launch a survey so easily. Great job, guys!”

Bowen Elementary School PTO


“It’s easy to design a survey, and there are lots of question types.”

Justin Hubbard


“Extremely happy I stumbled upon your website. Sogo is great!”

Kees Hoekerd



“Amazing survey tool, really helped me towards completing my thesis!”

Nathan Sloan



“This is a great product. I am looking forward to using it in our school! Sogo understands the academic environment. It will help us pull together the statistics and data we need from all our different groups, analyze it, and help us set our priorities and policies.”

Music Haven



“Thanks for providing this amazing service!”

Shah Ravi


“Versatile, robust, easy to navigate!!!”

Danielle Morris



“Your survey tool is great. I’m going to use it to run my dissertation study as the features and pricing are better than SurveyMonkey! And it’s a lot easier to use than the tool that my university recommends.”

Renita Bryant


SightsSet LLC

“I love using Sogo! The dashboard is user-friendly and offers amazing flexibility for all of our survey and analytics needs. Sogo had the standard functionality we needed and all of the advanced bells and whistles we wanted at a reasonable price.”

Suzanne Beck

Director and Senior Consultant
Blue Sky Recruitment

“Sogo survey tool is far superior and easy to use than any other available. Our respondents told us it looked good and was easy to use. The reporting available was also fantastic. We were able to quickly put together reporting that gave us the information we and our industries needed. Without doubt the best survey product on the market! Thanks Sogo team!”

Claudia Philipz



“Such a user friendly tool. Really easy to design surveys and work with the data to produce very clear and attractive reporting. It seems everything has been taken care to the point of colour matching company’s colours/logos.The support is great as well.”

Mark Solomons


Managing Partner
Developing Potential

“I wanted something that was personal, flexible and professional and at a good price. I researched a lot of different products and Sogo stood out. Allows you to set the scoring system you need , great looking reports that are already done for you, great options for the look and feel of surveys that can be deployed with personalised url and no powered by message – fast support – when you can;t work out what to do there is live chat and also you can book slot for more complex .”

Jorge Ramírez M


ECO Timeout

“We use Sogo for team building, innovation and climate surveys among our costumers. So far, we have used it successfully more than 50 times. It is a very easy going tool. Has a nice and clean display. Many great options to create surveys and the building process is quite simple.”

Hans Aigner



“The reason I went with Sogo because it has the find/replace functionality for the whole survey. I did not find that functionality in the other popular survey platforms. Overall, the UI is good in that a new user like myself was quickly up and running and I did not have an OMG moment where I had do redo what I did so far all over again.”

Meredith Padilla

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“The best thing that Sogo has that perfectly fit my needs was that – ability to send a link to an online educational intervention right after the research participant has completed a specific part of the survey such as demographic profile and pretest. Furthermore, the ability of Sogo to be able to export all the data from my survey that can be easily be exported and used for data analysis such as SPSS was not an issue.”

Abdul Latiff


IT Manager
Civil Service Club

“Sogo: Simple online survey tool that can be setup by any user any time. Generate report in seconds.”

Juan O. Mancera


Business Owner

“I launched a survey that needed to go out to thousands of folks and you all made the launch a success for me and my business. I tried a few other survey platforms and Sogo was the only one that could handle the volume and organize the data in a manner that allowed me to “”deep dive”” and see what my customer support base was saying they needed. Sogo has phenomenal support.”

Katherine Idle


Director of eCommerce and Direct-to-Consumer Strategies
Entercom Communications Corporation

“We love the ability to build layers and complexity in our surveys but that’s nothing compared to how we can easily analyze and export results. We’ve also found great response from Sogo anytime we’ve had an issue or need helped with a particular product.”

Joseph Shields

Professor of Marketing
Carthage College

“I was blown away by how easy the product was to use, and yet had the incredible depth to do everything I wanted to do, including customized reports.”

Lisa Stamper


Doctoral Student, Higher Education
Georgia Southern University

“Other web products are unforgiving, but Sogo gave me lots of ways to edit my questions and I could make mistakes without having to start over. It’s very flexible and intuitive; you don’t have to be a programmer to figure it out.”

Sarah Margaret Keller


“My favorite feature is the Matrix Grid. It allows me to use a combination of question types in a single survey. I’m also very happy with your Secure Collaboration so I can work with colleagues, but it doesn’t get out of control. Thank you for supporting nonprofit organizations.”

Jeremy E Sawyer


Doctoral Student

“Sogo has all the features you need to do internet survey research. It is perfect for designing surveys, collecting the data and exporting it for statistical analysis. Thank you Sogo!”

Debbie Wijeyaratne


“Thanks Sogo team. You guys are fantastic. I did a survey using Sogo and I’d recommend it anytime. Also, each and every time I had a question, it was answered promptly as promised. Fantastic staff and a great product!”

Tavis Forrester


“As a research scientist, I am so impressed with Sogo’s Chain/Viral Invite feature. It’s great to be able to have a survey work its way into the community through participant invites. It increased my response rate in a big way with usable data.”

Jeff Haddow



“This is an easy site to create a useful survey that is professional and to give results in spreadsheet form.”

Kaddi Kern


“While I looked for a good survey tool for my master project, I found Sogo. It’s easy to get started with their ready-to-use surveys, and the option to do a survey in different languages was exactly what I needed. So far there is no other tool that can compete with Sogo.”

Colin Goh


Great Eastern Life Planners

“I am thrilled that you have included the instructional videos in almost every task, which helps us when we face a problem. It’s also great that Sogo supports nonprofit organizations; we will be using it for all our association’s feedback. Thank you for creating such good online survey software.”

Abdul Latiff


IT Manager
Civil Service Club

“Sogo: Simple online survey tool that can be setup by any user any time. Generate report in seconds.”

Anam Raja


“Great Survey tool!”

Jeannie Rose

Materials Magician
Ulysses Learning

“Tutorial videos made getting started with the surveys a snap. And anytime I’ve had issues with a survey, the support team has been responsive with precisely the answers I needed. The customization options are fantastic! Being able to have conditional questions really helps narrow results. We’ve utilized Sogo to secure new business and expand our business.”

Cameron Smith


Risk Assessment Manager
Protect Your Risk

“Sogo enabled us to build each assessment surveys relatively quick, test it, modify it when necessary and then launch it. Advanced Branching which is extremely useful in our Fraud assessment. The ability to import data directly into Excel and then report it to the user greatly speeds up this time and thus reduces cost.”

Peter Halliwell

PHD Student
The University of Newcastle

“Sogo is an exceptional product. I am doing a PhD study into coaching’s effects on leadership, and with Sogo’s help, have built a number of complex surveys designed for a large number of multiple raters. Sogo’s technical support is outstanding. This aspect of their service, I couldn’t recommend more highly.”

Quin How


“Easy-to-use functionality, allows customisation of content which helps to me to create a survey that is suited for my needs . Overview of responses lets me have a quick look at responses. Easy-to-churn reports for quick extraction and analysis of results. Accessible from mobile so I’m able to check responses anywhere, anytime. Customisation of email templates allow me to create professional-looking emails”

Dr. Mag. Lorenz Probst


PHD | Centre for Development Research
BOKU | University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

“Intuitive back-end interface , fair pricing , clear questionnaire layout suitable for research in different cultural contexts”

Christian Tesch


Business Analyst
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

“User-friendly, Sogo has great functionalities in terms of data analysis.”

Jeannie Rose


Materials Magician
Ulysses Learning

“Tutorial videos made getting started with the surveys a snap. And anytime I’ve had issues with a survey, the support team has been responsive with precisely the answers I needed. · The customization options are fantastic! Being able to have conditional questions really helps narrow results. We’ve utilized Sogolytics to secure new business and expanding our business.”

Jennifer Turner


Web Content Editor
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

“Ease of running reports and downloading the results. In addition, the level of detail available in the reporting helps us get to know more about our customers’ technology preferences. The ease with which we can combine or clone surveys. Excellent customer service. Any time I’ve encountered an issue, it’s been resolved within a few hours.”

Margaret Alkema


Librarian Assessment Coordinator
Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary

“Excellent Support, with a very fast response time. We love the fact that we are able to import survey results in Microsoft’s Word and Excel and then manipulate them as we like. Building surveys is easy and intuitive.”

Connie Connors


Entrepreneur & Strategic
The Divorce/by Data Project

“I tested everybody out and you guys were definitely the easiest and the most flexible. I really think Sogo’s messaging is spot on — easy for beginners, powerful for experts.”

Karen Ritch


Vice President
ESA Consulting

“The reports were very easy to use. It actually does the statistical analysis for you. I also found Sogo to be a good tool for online forms. I can easily export the data.”

Danielle Di-Masi


“Big ups to your survey tool. I’ve been using many others and yours is user friendly, looks great, but most of all my favourite is the exporting options. Just wanted to pass on my appreciation.”

Miami Valley Christian Academy


“After researching numerous survey companies, we selected Sogo. We are excited to see how Sogo can help make our school a better learning community!”

Edward Terry


Manager of Information Services
Caplin & Drysdale

“Sogo is intuitive. I can step into it and be very comfortable with creating my survey.”

Zoi Triandafilidis


Research Coordinator

“I used Sogo to construct a census for a nonprofit organization that I work with. The survey was easy to put together, but looked professional, and the reporting tools really helped to get the job done right. It has been proven to be a fantastic resource. It is very advanced, and allows for a dynamic survey experience!”

Debbie Dooley Huscher


Marketing Coordinator

“Looking forward to using Sogo for our nonprofit, Durham Fair Association. Great product!”

Ferdi Kurniawan Sastropawiro



“Thank you so much for your service. I like Sogo’s social media integration; it is important for me.”

Jenna Warner


Communications and Member
Relations Coordinator
The Campus Club, The University of
Texas at Austin

“I had never done a survey before, but Sogo was really user friendly and it was easy to create the survey. We sent it to 2,000 people.”

Sorina Nicoara


“First experience with Sogo was great as the website is highly intuitive. Also, it’s wonderful that you support academic research and I’m really looking forward to using all the features of the student account for my master thesis.”

Marian Theron


E-learning Manager

“Working with Sogo is a better experience than with other online survey tools. Sogo’s designers understand the features we need, and I want to upgrade to the academic version right away.”

Connie Connors


Entrepreneur & Strategic
The Divorce/by Data Project

“The best thing about Sogo is its simplicity, but it still has the bells and whistles.”


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