Omnichannel engagement
across the customer journey

Learn from your customers at every stage to improve their experiences and grow your business.

Meet your customers
where they are

There are times when you want answers and times when your customers need answers. True omnichannel engagement requires both outreach and always-on listening, when and where it matters most. Solicit feedback when you’ve got decisions to make and build stronger relationships by ensuring you’re always there when they need you. Proactive or responsive? Both, please.

Capture customer feedback
across multiple channels

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Effective omnichannel customer experience management enables you to monitor how they feel about your company or your products and services so you can adjust as needed. Which channels work best for you and your customers? You decide!

Email Invitations

Reach out directly to participants through customized email invitations. Choose single- or multi-use links to control participation and improve feedback collection.


A quick text message can be the key to collecting on-the-spot feedback. Get straight to the point with a survey that looks great on mobile devices.


From quick links to embedded contact forms and from intercepts to website feedback surveys, match your brand and streamline feedback collection.

Social Media

Match the tone of your brand on fun and professional social channels. Encourage engagement to keep your audience connected and to build a community.

QR Codes

No contact info? Invite participants to scan a code for quick, contact-free feedback. Create multiple codes to track where you’re seeing the most engagement, too!


Embed feedback surveys, quizzes, and contact forms in your own mobile or web app and encourage engagement throughout the customer journey.


From sign-in registration forms to ongoing feedback collection from employees or customers, kiosk surveys provide a simple way to streamline your processes.


Need to collect responses even in locations (or at times!) when you don’t have a reliable internet connection? Now you can! Get your data to go, even offline.


No email addresses or phone numbers? Set up ID numbers or other identifiers as single- or multi-use passwords to simplify participation.

SogoCX enables
omnichannel engagement
solicit feedback

Reach Out

When you have questions, get answers! Proactive outreach encourages timely feedback so you can act quickly on insights you gain. From advanced planning to last-minute invites, SogoCX keeps up.
welcome insights 24/7


Many CX programs focus only on outreach and disregard the questions and concerns customers have between touchpoints. From ticketing systems to chatbots, welcome all feedback, all the time.
streamline workflows


From POS to customer service interactions, collect feedback at key moments in the customer journey and keep it coming in regularly with automated workflows and integrations.

Omnichannel CX
made easy

Your customer just made a purchase – awesome news for you! But was it good for them? Collect instant feedback to understand their experience and take quick action as needed. Plus, capture known details about the purchase to power up your analytics!

Streamline the omnichannel journey

Turn multichannel into omnichannel by integrating workflows from multiple tools to deliver insightful results from across a truly omnichannel customer experience.

Automate feedback requests

Keep fresh data coming in by automating delivery of email or SMS invitations at key moments in the customer journey.

Trigger invitations from other tools

Use another app that sends email notifications? Use this flow to trigger delivery of survey invitations!

Send simultaneous email + SMS invites

Double your chances of hearing from customers by sending the same participation link to their phone and inbox.

mind the gaps

Data silos stop you from seeing the full picture. We can help you get it together.

Learn How

It’s great to aggregate 😉

Listening to the voice of the customer at every stage of an omnichannel journey is a powerful way to build relationships, but if you can’t bring the data together, you just end up with noise. SogoCX moves beyond multichannel listening to deliver omnichannel intelligence.

Listen across channels

Omnichannel customer experience management requires offering customers easy opportunities to share feedback where and when it comes to mind.

Track real-time engagement

Find out what’s happening in real time across channels, strategize how to improve response rates, and share results with your team to keep everyone in the loop.

Evaluate and adjust

Learn as you go by bringing together insights from across the customer journey so your team can make decisions and take action to improve CX.

What’s different about omnichannel CX?

There’s no replacement for feedback. Without it, your company is operating in the dark. Worse yet, if customers can’t find a way to let you know that they have a problem, they’ll turn to your competitors – and be sure to let their friends know.
Customer feedback provides the data points you need to make intelligent business decisions—whether that means small course adjustments or visualizing potential problems down the road. Collecting customer feedback is the surest, most reliable way to keep your business on track.

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What is omnichannel customer experience management?

Omnichannel CX is all about providing customers with consistently high quality experiences at every stage in the customer journey. In order to deliver that value, omnichannel customer journey mapping is used to ensure feedback collection is happening all along the way. With this data, companies can work on optimizing omni channel experiences with customer feedback.

How can I design an omnichannel customer journey?

To provide omnichannel CX, it’s important to understand how close you are currently to true omnichannel engagement! Connect with your internal team for their understanding of the customer journey map, then connect with your customers to fill in all the gaps. Next, figure out how customers want to share feedback at every stage. Do they prefer to send emails or fill out forms? Do they like in-app pop-ups or SMS feedback requests? Do they need always-on listening opportunities? From omnichannel customer service options to new product suggestions, ensure you’ve covered every angle!

What defines omnichannel customer experience?

True omnichannel CX is based on consistency of experience. Customers should know what to expect from your brand, including experiences, messages, and service. They should also know how open you are to feedback and when and where to deliver it. Successful omnichannel engagement looks like an ongoing conversation between brands and their consumers across all platforms with consistent, on-brand responses and follow-up as needed.

How can we achieve omnichannel customer service?

When was the last time you asked your customers how they prefer to connect? Omnichannel customer service requires both proactive outreach to check in on customers and always-on listening options that encourage customers to share any issues as they appear. A customer service feedback survey is a great way to find out how satisfied customers are with the service they receive, but it’s important to include regular audits of your communication channels in other conversations, too. Preferences can change, too, so omnichannel customer service must evolve! Some who used to prefer email might like SMS better now. Maybe those who used to prefer phone calls prefer scheduled video calls. Finding out how customers prefer to be served can be just about as important as the service you provide!

What channels are best for omnichannel engagement?

Is this a trick question? 😉 The channels that are best for omnichannel engagement with your customers are 100% the channels your customers prefer! While it may be trendy to collect customer feedback through QR codes, if your customers prefer personalized email invitations, that’s what’s best for you! Remember that setting up the right channels is only part of the recipe for successful omnichannel engagement. The other half? Making sure your employees are prepared to respond appropriately! Setting up in-app chat, for example, can be a super helpful addition to omnichannel customer service, but if your team isn’t sure how to make the most of it, your customers are unlikely to see the value. Ready to prioritize omnichannel engagement? Listen to your customers, prepare your team, and repeat!

How can we start optimizing omnichannel experiences with customer feedback?

If you’re not sure where to begin, start small. Think through your entire omnichannel journey. Identify one specific moment in the customer journey that is very important. What is the best way to collect feedback at that time? Start by setting up one type of feedback collection at that point – maybe an emailed customer satisfaction survey or a QR code on the receipt. As you collect and learn from your data, expand your outreach to different touchpoints and different channels. When you’ve got that covered, start to include questions not just about the specific moments but also about the types of ways customers prefer to share with you, about the consistency of their experiences with your brand, and what hiccups or bumps in the road they’ve encountered. There’s a lot to cover and the challenges will continue to evolve, but omnichannel customer experience management succeeds through slow and steady progress.

What are the steps of an omnichannel journey?

An omnichannel customer journey starts with listening and ends with listening. While a customer journey indicates some progress throughout the course of a customer’s relationship with your brand, customer experience itself is iterative and evolving. As customers continue through their experience with you, an omnichannel journey makes it possible for you to connect with and learn from them along the way. From positive exposure to prospects to deep dive conversations with loyal brand ambassadors, every stage of an omnichannel customer journey is about listening! After all, if you don’t listen as you go, the customer journey will probably be a pretty short one.

What’s the difference between collecting feedback from multiple channels and omnichannel customer experience management?

Welcoming feedback from multiple channels might sound great, but what happens when it comes in? Multichannel feedback can result in data silos, with different kinds of responses from different kinds of customers stacked up in different kinds of formats. If you have all the time and resources in the world to (1) read through it all, (2) figure out what it means, and (3) take appropriate follow-up action, good for you! In the real world, though, omnichannel CX requires bringing together all of that data into a common place – like a comprehensive customer experience management tool – so you can make sense of it. After all, if you can’t figure out what’s important, you’re probably not going to act on it – which is a big turn-off to customers who shared their feedback because they thought you cared! Yikes. Omnichannel engagement is better than multichannel data silos every time.

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