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Lawyers know better than anyone that making decisions based on concrete data beats making blind assumptions. When it comes to firm management, that same principle applies – only by listening to your clients, attorneys, and staff can you really understand the client experience, your firm’s culture and environment, and your exposure to risk. Convenient, affordable, and immensely productive, our online legal surveys give you a window into the life of your firm. Using them regularly, you can confirm your firm’s strengths and inform your growth strategy – or for that matter, reveal declining morale, missed business opportunities, or accumulated liabilities.

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Compliance Surveys

Raise the bar for client service

Some may believe clients don't like surveys, but that’s not the whole picture. According to an Altman Weil Pensasurvey of Fortune 500 corporate counsel, in-house counsel overwhelmingly believe that regular client satisfaction surveys are important the law firm-client relationship. Clients appreciate the opportunity to air their grievances, weigh in on billing and fees, give feedback on staffing, and share their expectations for responsiveness and service. Through our best-in-class reporting, you can swiftly analyze responses and learn how better to direct resources to meet clients’ stated needs. Implementing their suggested improvements results in stronger client relationships and positive reviews and recommendations.

From a business perspective, client surveys reveal opportunities to cross-sell between practice areas and develop new markets and niches. Depending on your goals, you might segment your list to surveys particular industry or practice area, by demographic, or by annual billings in order to learn where to put your focus, and develop targeted marketing strategies.

In addition to your regular annual survey, our advanced experience management solution allows you to easily gather feedback from clients at various touch points, reinforcing the message that the firm values their input and is committed to delivering quality service. Make it easy for clients to respond by reaching out via multiple channels – email, websites, and social networks – using surveys optimized for mobile engagement. Show you respect their time with smart survey design that routes clients through relevant questions based on their previous responses. Incorporating triggers and alerts, use automated survey reminder emails to get more responses, flag negative responses for immediate follow-up, and send out thank-yous on completion.

Drive on the right side of the regulatory road

Keep your team in line and on point with compliance targets. Implementing a systematic approach to measuring and improving company-wide security and compliance is critical to both the success and survival of your organization. Compliance surveys are just one of the tools companies use to evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance programs. Online surveys efficiently and cost-effectively help evaluate and manage compliance, and determine what kind of training or resources your employees need to avoid workplace issues, regulatory missteps, data breaches, conflicts of interest, and fraud.

Our online survey platform makes it easy to create comprehensive compliance and risk assessment surveys tailored to your industry requirements and regulations. Using a variety of question types, design engaging quizzes and questionnaires to test employees’ knowledge and assess your team’s strengths and skills. Determine whether training initiatives are successful with pre- and post-training assessments, and track improvements and progress over time.

Employees can rate their overall knowledge on a scale of 1 to 5, for example, and you can assign scores to specific answers, providing clear, quantitative results in minutes. Even define triggers for certain scores or results to instantly alert you to high-priority issues. Our best-in-class reports help you share actionable metrics that show the effectiveness of your compliance programs and identify high-need areas to prove your case for more education and resources.

Cultivate a positive, productive firm culture

Law firm burnout is a real issue, and disinterested or disgruntled staff and lawyers can set off a cascade of events that negatively impact firm revenue, reputation, and stability. Losing skilled employees drains both institutional knowledge and critical expertise. Unhappy lawyers make for unhappy clients, which can put your firm at risk. Dissatisfied clients are much less likely to pay their bills, some will leave, and some may even sue, claiming professional negligence. When lawyers leave, client relationships may suffer, business may be lost, and worst case, the departing attorney could compromise security.

To understand how well the firm functions day-to-day, you need as many people to weigh in as possible. Online surveys see high rates of participation, not least due to the flexibility and convenience of responding wherever, whenever, at work or on mobile devices. Plus, by scheduling automated reminders, you make it easy for busy lawyers and staff to contribute their feedback to your law firm survey.

Do your attorneys feel the firm is headed in the right direction? How satisfied are they with compensation? How do they perceive firm culture and work/life balance? They may be unwilling to answer honestly in person, but given the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback or know that their responses are confidential, you can pinpoint opportunities to improve operations, open channels of communication, and create a strong, stable base of support.

A thriving firm with a great reputation attracts high-quality attorneys and administrators, helping to secure long-term growth and success. Discover how associates feel about their learning opportunities and assignments, and how staff feel about their advancement prospects. Armed with that knowledge, you can develop better mentoring and training programs and ensure you’re retaining and attracting top talent.

Providing lawyers and staff with honest feedback can be a sensitive proposition. But if the feedback is personally or politically negative, having data to back up your claims makes uncomfortable conversations easier and the path to change clearer.

Mount a vigorous defense against risk

Law firms, like many businesses, are exposed to procedural risks, operational risks, data privacy and security risks – any of which can jeopardize a firm’s reputation and revenue. Additionally, law firms working with clients in heavily regulated industries are often required by disparate laws and regulations to undergo a variety of risk assessments – HIPAA, NIST, ISO, data privacy, among others.

Although firms are in the business of avoiding and minimizing risk, they often don’t take the advice or the steps they recommend to their clients. By systematically assessing and addressing your own exposure through regular risk assessments, you’ll be ready for any client request or regulatory assessment.

To remain competitive and satisfy clients, law firms need to recognize and manage risk and cyber security from the firm perspective as much as from the client perspective. Using our Risk Assessment survey, whether right out of the box or as a template, firms can easily implement regular evaluations of the firm’s security protocols, and use our one-click reports to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and track their progress. Taking these proactive measures protects both clients and operations.

Best-of-breed technology secures your most valuable assets

Law firms of all sizes are vulnerable to security breaches, and under pressure from clients to comply with cyber security regulations. Clients increasingly require third-party service providers to demonstrate the use of top-tier data privacy and security technologies, appropriate policies and standards. The stakes are high for firms that don’t get in front of the issue – they may lose business and struggle to land new business.

We take cyber security as seriously as you do. We maintain the highest standards of SSL encryption and authentication, perform daily security scans, and host data in world-class data centers. Limit user access to the survey platform from within the firm network, and we track each time they log in and out. Comply with the U.S. and International standards for data privacy and security. For our complete data security and privacy guarantee, click here.

Top-tier data privacy and security

We don’t take risks when it comes to your data. Sogolytics maintains the highest standards of SSL encryption and authentication, perform daily security scans, and host data in world-class data centers. Users can only access the experience management platform within your network, and we track each time they log in and out. When handling your data, we comply with the U.S. and International Certifications for data privacy and security. For our complete data security and privacy guarantee, click here.

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