Automotive Customer Experience Management

Mobilize your customer experience strategy to inspire loyalty and build brand champions.

Millennials will account for nearly 45% of car buyers by 2025, making it essential for the automotive industry to
understand their needs and upscale their CX efforts.
- McKinsey
Get in the driver’s seat

Build trust from the very first test drive, with experiences that nurture loyalty

Improve insights


Capture customer insights across channels, from online interactions to offline experiences, to get the complete picture and understand the customer journey—making sure you’re in the right lane, at the right time.
Spotlight details


Home in on individual touchpoints, track trends over time, and identify experience gaps early on to create a memorable experience.
Inform Decisions


Employ powerful sentiment analysis on open-text responses and complement critical metrics with key driver analysis to understand what really matters.
The Comprehensive Solution

Meet Your Customer at
Every Turn

Understand what matters to your customers, identify brand preferences, and elevate experience across touchpoints to inspire lifetime loyalty with critical insights. Sogolytics helps you turn data into a powerful business strategy to fuel growth and ensure a competitive edge.

Transform experiences
and boost customer loyalty
Tailored Dashboard

Spot patterns, identify key metric trends, and zoom in on touchpoints to understand impact.

Custom Metrics

Go beyond the usual key metrics to understand customer buying patterns and preferences with customized metrics and use your insights to increase reach and improve acquisition.

Rules and Alerts

Optimize customer follow-up and feedback by triggering alerts for specific responses or even changing trends, ensuring a seamless process for rapid resolution.

24x7 Customer Support

Need more help? Our customer support team is the best in the industry! Call, chat, or just drop an email and we’ll have your back.

Accelerate business growth with advanced analytics

Get a 360-view

Gain customer insights throughout the journey to spot experience gaps, identify bottlenecks, and transform the process.

Identify Key Drivers

Go beyond the metrics to understand the key drivers that influence customer sentiments.

Predict the Next Step

Understand what you need to prioritize to drive change that has a measurable impact on customer experiences.

Implement Segmentation

Customize experiences to resonate with different audiences using segmentation. Spot correlation, identify trends, and more for more nuanced insights.

Go Offline

You don’t need an active internet connection to capture insights from the sales floor. Our offline surveys help you capture the data you need, easily.

Streamline your process

Integrate your CRM, ticketing system, call center and even OEM and dealer network to better respond to problems, address concerns, and design a powerful customer experience.

Don’t just take our word for it

Sogolytics has helped leading brands across industries transform their customer experience.
Here are their stories.

Create exceptional customer experiences that transforms your brand into an icon with Sogolytics.

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