The assessment tool that

tells you what you need to know

Accurately measure the comprehension and understanding of your participants using our self-scoring online assessment platform.

Let the scores
do the talking

Eliminate bias with an online assessment tool that’s focused on one thing alone – the results. Understand participants’ knowledge, gauge their proficiency, and gather critical insights to select the best candidates for a job, identify employee strengths, and learn what needs to be focused on next.

The assessment software
that aces the game

Versatile, powerful, and easy, measure understanding with a self-scoring platform that does the legwork.



Customize your assessment questionnaire with your brand logo, refine each question, and use our advanced features to enhance engagement.
reach your audience


Share the assessment across multiple channels to reach the widest audience and get more responses.
get essential insights


The answers are in! Share the scores with the participants and break down response patterns with reports for better insights.
The online assessment tool
that does it all

Hire the right candidates for the task, test employees’ knowledge, and understand comprehension levels with the help of our powerful assessment software designed for all industries.


Set a timer to make remote testing easier, capture scores, and compare learner performance over time and across batches.

Market Research

Are all your product features being used? Have product upgrades made a significant impact on the user experience? Get the answers in measurable terms.

Human Resources

Are your employees ready for the challenge? Assess knowledge of policies and processes and discover whether your team is making the most of your resources.


Review staff training comprehension and understand exactly what needs more reinforcement for a more effective and streamlined process.


Explore our leading assessment platform to measure understanding and capture insightful response patterns.

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Features that power the big picture

Created to deliver results, our online assessment tool is backed with exceptional features to not only get the right answers, but also delve into the finer details.

Question Types

If you want the most accurate answers, you need to use the right question type. Our question bank helps you select the one that matches your objective so your assessment is never compromised.

Multimedia Embedding

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video – maybe more. Embed multimedia in your questionnaire for a more engaging experience.

Display Options

Keep that curiosity at bay by displaying the timer, tracking the overall progress, and presenting the results during the quiz, or share the answers after it’s all over.

Response Tracking

Distribute reports amongst team members or use the sharable URL to ensure that everyone is on the same page – even those without a Sogolytics account.

Enhanced Data Security

Keep your data secure. Our platform protects the quiz takers and the results, so only those you authorize can see the reports.

Live Results

Monitor the overall results to derive overarching themes and understand answer patterns.

Exceptional Support

Feeling confused? Our industry-leading support executives are at your service, 24x7. Just reach out and we’ll guide you to get the best results.

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