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Build your quiz from the ground up or start with one of our online quiz maker’s established templates.



Our online quiz tool lets you include graphics, embed media, and define branching questions to personalize a user’s path through your quiz.



Automatically have results sent to the test takers and create reports breaking down how different groups performed.



Monitor the completion rate with our test maker’s live results tracking and reporting.



Set your point values and our online quiz maker automatically captures data and calculates the results while the quiz is in progress.

Customize Your Quiz

Question Types
With more than 10 types of question formats, our online quiz maker gives you flexibility to make test for knowledge.
Display Options
Our online quiz creator can show overall progress and results during the quiz or wait until completion.
Multimedia Elements
Our online quiz creator lets you include media to dynamically convey information and ideas and get more responses.
Digital Grade Book
Our online quiz maker can automatically distribute results to colleagues or build presentation-ready reports showing an array of depth and data.
Use our online quiz maker to track and report live results of the respondents group’s progress.
Live Data Reporting
Track individual and group participation in the moment. Generate on-the-fly reports with just one click in our online quiz maker.
Enhanced Data Security
Our software protects both the quiz and those taking it. Only those you authorize to see results will get access.
Help at Hand
We work hard to make our online quiz maker easy to learn and use. Our team of expert designers and support staff is available 24/7.

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The best online quiz maker for business, education, research, marketing, social media - even just for fun!

  • Take home testing
  • Review retention from special events
  • Compare class performance
Human Resources
  • Review training materials
  • Find out how well new resources are being used
  • Gauge which benefits best suit employees
Employee Training
  • Test new safety protocols
  • Gauge new employees' skills
  • Find areas of growth
Market Research
  • Are all product features being used?
  • See if changes have altered awareness
  • Find out if patients are reading necessary instructions
  • Review employee emergency training
Social Quizzes
  • Float new concepts in a fun setting
  • Gather public opinion
  • Find potential market opportunities

Safe and Secure

Our approach to data security and privacy is the foundation of Sogolytics.

From day one, our engineers have worked to ensure our survey software protects your data at every level. Within the quiz tool, you can control access to your data and designs, setting secure permissions for your team. The workflows you create to share information and results always preserve the privacy of your data.

And overall, all of your data is hosted in top-tier data centers at the highest standards of security protocols.

How do I create a solid online quiz?

We ask questions because we need answers, and an online quiz maker simplifies the process to save your time and deliver results.

Let’s keep it simple:

  • Define
    Before you build, be clear on the purpose of your quiz. What are you trying to measure, and how will you use the results? For example, if you’re evaluating students following a certain course, the quiz should be based on the course objectives. If you’re scoring leads, be sure the questions you include are all providing useful input toward the goal.
  • Create
    Add your questions, using the right question types to automate scoring and measure understanding. Organize your content to simplify flow, adding clarifying instructions as needed. Remember that varied question types help with engagement, too, but try not to get too carried away. The worst thing you can do is to fail your own quiz — leaving off correct answers, duplicating items, or phrasing questions ambiguously. Plus, consider whether it makes sense to add a timer. While it might cause stress for some, it can also keep participation fair for everyone. (On the same note, consider rotating or randomizing answer options to decrease cheating.)
  • Score
    Decide how many points each correct answer is worth, and whether incorrect answers will subtract points. If you prefer, simply mark responses as correct or incorrect. Either way, you may also choose to break your questions into categories, perhaps by topic or skill assessed. Want to share results with participants right away? Customize the Results Page with the right message based on score, percentage, or category competency, and even allow participants to download their confirmation and scores
  • Deliver
    Distribute your online quiz by email, embed in your LMS, send an SMS — whatever works best for you and your participants. If you need participants to respond within a short time frame, you might consider sending email links that will automatically expire at the end of the window. This is a great option if you need to nudge participation while still keeping the quiz open for future participants.
  • Analyze
    As results come in, run all the reports you want to see each participant’s scores, scores by class or group, or overall scores over time. As you examine results, check for any questions that caused trouble for lots of participants — it might be important to revisit these for clarity or validity.
  • Follow Up
    You asked these questions for a reason, so the follow-up is probably pretty clear already. Beyond your own analysis, consider when and how you’ll provide participants with their scores. You might deliver them right on the Results Page or send automatic emails that close the loop with the right message — pass or fail? — and even provide next steps, as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create an online quiz that gets responses?
If you’re giving a test to students in your own classroom, it’s pretty likely you’ll get responses -- after all, everyone wants to pass! If you’re posting a different kind of quiz, though, think about how to best engage your participants. If you’re posting a fun quiz on social media, include engaging elements like Image Choice questions and keep the length short. If you’re using the quiz to qualify leads or evaluate candidates, be sure to match your branding and language style guides to create the best possible impression throughout participation.
How can I save time in grading quizzes?
We get it. Everyone likes results, but not too many people like grading, and it can take a lot of time to process scores and return tests to the test-takers. Choose question types that can be scored automatically and the platform will do the work for you. You can also share results instantly with participants as soon as they’ve submitted responses, either on the post-submission page or in an automated follow-up email.
Can I see individual and whole-class reports?
Of course. An Individual Response Report is perfect to share with the test-taker, and you might even choose to add feedback or follow-up comments through post-population. An Assessment Summary Report is the best choice if you’re looking for a gradebook-style spreadsheet. Of course, you can also run frequency reports to see how many times each answer was selected, for example, to get the big picture at a glance.
Can I compare scores between groups?
Definitely, and you have plenty of options. You might choose a Comparison Report (no surprise there!) or even set filters or segmentation conditions on other reports, like Omni. You might want to see how well each section of your course understood a certain concept, then follow up as needed to investigate the reasons or fill in any gaps.


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