Turn VoC insights

into growth opportunities

Impress your customers by removing obstacles and delivering exceptional experiences – through a Voice of Customer program that helps you learn faster.

Grow your business with
a strong VoC program

Make it easy for customers to share feedback throughout the customer journey and you’ll gain both short- and long-term benefits. Real-time VoC monitoring enables you to take quick action when there’s trouble, reducing friction and churn. Deeper voice of customer analytics shape strategy and future growth. Power up with a voice of the customer program that benefits both CX and your bottom line.

Delight your customers by
optimizing their experiences

Go beyond NPS

It’s not always easy to know what customers are thinking. With SogoCX, you can capture the voice of the customer and drill down beyond the basics to better understand their experiences. Sure, Net Promoter Score is great, but it only tells part of the story.

Listen and learn

With SogoCX, you’ll be more in touch with your customers through multiple feedback channels, and that means better insight into your customers’ level of satisfaction, expectations, and feelings about your brand. With better information and powerful voice of the customer analytics tools, you’ll be able to take informed and incisive actions.

Focus on what matters most

Metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) are all important, but only provide a snapshot of customer sentiment. SogoCX puts the power of a true VoC engine in your hands—with a comprehensive view into how your customers feel across the full customer journey.

Be proactive, not reactive

With our voice of customer analytics, you can monitor trends in customer feedback and gain perspective into how your customers perceive your company or products over time. Armed with this kind of information, your VoC program can anticipate problems before they occur.

Understand customers better

How do you know who your customers are and what they want from your business? Listen to what they tell you. SogoCX helps you home in on customer expectations so you can better align your business with market demands—and that means more for your bottom line.

Take swift action

SogoCX helps you monitor customer feedback and respond more quickly to potential issues. A quick response or resolution builds loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more.

SogoCX + VoC:
the key to accelerated business growth


SogoCX enables omnichannel listening across the customer journey to truly hear the voice of the customer at every touchpoint. Get the best results when you connect with customers where and when they prefer.


Measure improvement against benchmarks and turn complex data into easily digestible reports. SogoCX can transform your understanding so you get the full picture clearly.


SogoCX makes it easier to uncover the most meaningful next steps, whether it’s quickly following up with customers to reduce churn or updating your products and processes to better serve your customers and grow loyalty.

Turn real-time feedback
into instant insights

Your customer just made a purchase – but are they satisfied with their experience? Invite fresh feedback with an automated SMS invitation to a beautifully branded survey. As soon as they respond, find out whether they’re good to go – or if follow-up is required to resolve any issues. Real engagement in real time.

Expertly designed templates to get you started

While there are plenty of questions you might want to ask your customers, a smart VoC program focuses on those that will have the greatest value.

Explore our range of Voice of Customer templates to get started. Customize the questions, answers, and style to match your exact needs, then start collecting answers today!

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Feedback Form
Customer Feedback Form
Customer Retention Survey
Customer Retention Survey
Product Evaluation Survey
Product Evaluation Survey

Failing to listen to your customers is the single worst move you can make. Listen better with a strong VoC program that puts customers first.

Learn How

Hear from customers in their own words

Leverage the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to uncover valuable insights from unstructured free-form feedback received through various channels, including emails, social media, chats, and support forms. Complement established business drivers with additional insights extracted from open-ended responses.

Uncover what matters most

Find out the positive and negative business aspects customers are talking about most, without having to review every single response. Use text classification to categorize open-ended feedback into the custom topics that matter most for your business.

Get insights from text with NLP

Our NLP-driven solution ensures that your feedback is always well-structured, keeping you ahead of the competition. By utilizing custom business filters and segments, you can efficiently analyze customer sentiment trends, pinpoint critical feedback, and swiftly address issues.

Identify and act on key drivers

Identify key factors that impact customer experiences by extracting crucial drivers from open-ended feedback and correlating them with core CX metrics to identify strengths and risk areas.

What’s the idea behind Voice of the Customer?

VoC (Voice of the Customer) refers to the feedback your customers provide about your product or services. Voice of customer tools can capture the preferences, aversions, and expectations of your customers so you can take action and refine strategy. Encouraging feedback through voice of the customer surveys and other channels allows you to engage customers and build loyalty, but capturing the voice of the customer is only half of it — you must also manage voice of customer analysis! That’s where SogoCX comes in. SogoCX enables a complete voice of the customer program, breaking down feedback to uncover trends, challenges, and opportunities throughout the customer journey so you can retain customers and grow your business.

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Why is Voice of the Customer important?

Voice of the Customer programs are designed to help organizations more effectively collect customer feedback and utilize insights to improve customer experience and company decisions. Ultimately, an effective VoC program improvs customer retention and grows revenue.

What are the benefits of a Voice of the Customer program?

Effective VoC programs can help organizations to make important decisions about their current practices as well as to inform their future development and strategy regarding products, services, and processes. If customer insights lead to improved customer retention, acquisition of new customers, and revenue growth, a Voice of the Customer program can be considered effective.

What is the point of Voice of Customer tools?

Voice of Customer tools offer organizations a systematic approach to collecting and analyzing customer feedback and utilizing insights to inform action plans. Voice of Customer tools bring together data from multiple sources to provide a more comprehensive view, thus offering more effective analysis.

What makes a Voice of the Customer survey?

A Voice of the Customer survey may take many forms, While some may seek a Voice of Customer template (and there are many out there!), it is important to note that a Voice of the Customer survey is – at its core – a customer feedback survey. Whether the focus is on customer satisfaction, NPS, or another core CX metric, a Voice of the Customer survey most often includes a minimum of a rating question and an open-ended follow-up question to collect both quantitative and qualitative feedback. After all, hearing or reading the voice of the customer in their own words can be a powerful way to build understanding.

What industries use VoC (Voice of Customer) programs?

Any industry interested in improving customer experience, strengthening their products and services, and growing their revenue can use a VoC (Voice of Customer) program. In short, just about every industry may be involved with Voice of the Customer programs, ranging from occasional Voice of the Customer surveys to systematic use of Voice of Customer tools.

Can Customer Service Voice of Customer surveys make a difference?

Customer service is one of the most obvious ways in which customers interact with a company. As a result, Customer Service Voice of Customer surveys can offer useful and often immediately actionable insights into the experiences of customers. Whether a response triggers an instant follow-up or inspires long-term action, Customer Service Voice of Customer surveys can definitely make a difference in the CX a company provides.

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