B2B experience management

Increase sales, loyalty, and market share through deeper, more meaningful
relationships with your B2B customers.

Power loyalty with enhanced experiences

Sogolytics helps you connect the dots across your customer base to inform decisions that
improve experience and fuel retention.
Empower better experiences
Quick overview

Monitor accounts from one dashboard

Role-based dashboards make it easy to keep tabs on the health of all B2B accounts while giving everyone across your business the data they need.
Identify Concerns

Spot experience gaps and make forecasts

Gain insight into why and where customer churn is occurring—and how to stop it.
Monitor Trends

Track every customer journey

Collect feedback at multiple touchpoints in the B2B customer journey and cultivate better relationships.
Gain a competitive edge and increase revenue

Identify Concerns

Learn more about your B2B accounts’ business challenges—and offer solutions based on their feedback.

Leverage Data

Employ market research to spot patterns, gain insight into industry trends, and stay ahead of the curve.

Spot Opportunities

Optimize relationships with healthy accounts and identify potential areas for upselling.

Create a Connection

Personalize customer experience for each B2B account, recognize at-risk customers, and take timely measures to reduce churn.

Increase Reach

Target new markets by building a profile on what customers are interested in, their contact preferences, and buying signals.

Data that works for you

Create impactful strategies by ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Our powerful analytics and advanced reports come together to help you make data-informed decisions.

Gauge Perceptions

Automatic text analytics help make changes based on what’s important to your customers by quantifying sentiment and categorizing topics in text-based feedback.

Tailor Visualization

Customizable display options make it easy to visualize everything from channel performance to key metrics like NPS, CES, CSAT, or customized CX metrics.

Granular Analytics

Segment and filter data by region, product, and other variables, and break down the customer experience for each B2B account to predict churn.

Share Reports

Quickly generate and send dynamic report links to enable real-time monitoring – and empower immediate action.

Integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and many other platforms

Sogolytics integrates with your CRM and hundreds of other business applications.

Automate workflows and alerts across all of your systems to increase collaboration between departments or business units.
Combine your operational and experience data to obtain a holistic view of B2B relationships and find areas of improvement.
Enhance every step of your survey process with API integration
Designed with security in mind

Sogolytics utilizes the most stringent security features, so you can be confident that your information remains safe.

ISO 27001 certified
SSL encryption and authentication
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Bring it all together

Flag concerns and improve response time with SogoConnect.

Close the loop: Don’t let a small issue become a big one

With SogoConnect, you can monitor customer feedback, manage outreach and communication, create tickets for follow-through and accountability for account managers.

Convert feedback into action through personalized responses
Open a continuous dialogue with B2B customers
Follow-through on customer satisfaction issues, so nothing falls between the cracks
Don’t just take our word for it

Sogolytics helps the world’s most successful B2B companies to reduce churn and increase profits.
Here are their stories.

Identify customer pain points and deliver experiences that exceed expectations with Sogolytics.

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