Residential Satisfaction
Experience Management

Identify and address residential concerns to improve satisfaction with Sogolytics.

Create Exceptional Experiences
Understand what tenants want and
deliver experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.
Improve Tenant Experience

Understand customer needs and deliver experiences that intuit expectations.

Identify what matters

Understand Satisfaction

What influences your tenants’ perception? Capture data that helps you identify satisfaction trends throughout their lifestyle—and leverage them.
Cause and effect

Identify Key Drivers

What are the top concerns faced by your tenants? Identify key drivers with powerful analytics to better connect with your audience and inform actions.
Realign Priorities

Bridge Experience Gaps

Understand how to bridge experience gaps to improve and monitor changes for an improved residential experience.
Insights that Matter
Ensure Immediate Follow-Up

Stay on top of every feedback by implementing rules and alerts, ensuring rapid follow-up to address concerns.

Assess Critical Touchpoints

Hone in on specific touchpoints to identify concerns and improve the residential experience across the tenant journey.

Target Prospective Customers

Capture customer sentiments and insights from open-text feedback to understand what resonates and target prospective segments.

Improve Brand Value

Nurture brand champions by improving residential satisfaction, winning tenant recommendations, increasing audience reach, and elevating brand value.

Capture insights
with ease

Understand what your tenants like, identify concerns across different stages of the residential lifecycle, and ensure an experience that keeps prospective customers coming back.
With Sogolytics residential satisfaction surveys and experience management solution, you can capture insights at all stages to help you cultivate a brand with a strong market value.

Residential Satisfaction Survey Templates

You don’t need a market research expert to capture meaningful data, Sogolytics can help. With professionally designed templates for every purpose of your residential experience, you can begin collecting insights today!

Annual Resident Satisfaction Surveys
Pre-Lease Renewal Surveys
Move-In Follow-Up Surveys
Vacation Property Satisfaction Survey
Maintenance Follow-Up Survey
Prospective Renter Follow-Up Surveys
Unlock your potential

Data Visualization

You’ve got the data. Understand it better with powerful visualization. Spot the correlation, identify trends, and note popular sentiments and preferences at a glance to elevate tenant satisfaction.

Offline Surveys

No internet? No problem! Our offline participation mode allows participants to give their responses and automatically updates the same when you’re back online!

Powerful Segmentation

Spot the connection between different factors to understand what matters to your audience. Identify new potential avenues, and better assess your target audience with critical insights.

Multichannel Distribution

Not everyone is on the same platform. That’s why multichannel distribution helps you gather feedback and insights from your audience at their convenience. Use SMS, email, social media, or more to get the answers you need.

Don’t just take our word for it
Sogolytics helps leading businesses across the world improve satisfaction and elevate brand value.
Here are their stories.

Identify experience gaps and improve residential satisfaction with Sogolytics.

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