Retail customer
experience management

Attract more customers, target new markets, and drive loyalty
with Sogolytics.

Create a seamless customer journey

Improve retention and inspire loyalty by bridging experience gaps throughout the customer journey.
Inspire greater customer loyalty
Improve conversion

Abandoned Carts
into Sales

Learn why customers abandon their carts and uncover insights to boost sales and conversion rates.
Increase reach

Expand your

Engage your customers through SMS, email, websites—and more—to reach multi-channel shoppers and increase your customer base.
Assess touchpoints

Track the

Collect feedback throughout the customer journey and respond with automatically generated surveys to flag pain-points early on.
Measure what really matters
Recognize At-Risk Customers

Personalize the customer experience, stop churn, and turn detractors into ambassadors.

Target the Right Segments

Capture detailed insights about critical audience segments to refine and personalize messages that improve conversions.

Resonate with Wider Audiences

Increase reach with targeted messaging that helps your business connect with key market segments.

Understand Customer Buying Signals

Identify critical insights into the sentiments and behaviors that drive spend to spot engagement gaps and create streamlined processes.

Online reputation

Learn what people are saying about you online. Flag critical concerns and course-correct to ensure that your customers have the best experience every step of the way with Sogolytics.

Data that works for you

Sogolytics’s powerful analytics and advanced reports come together to help you make data-informed decisions with a powerful retail experience management solution.

360-Monitoring from One Dashboard

Role-based dashboards make it easy to keep tabs on customer sentiment while giving everyone across your business the data they need.

Visualize Data

Customizable display options make it easy to visualize everything from channel performance to key metrics like NPS, CES, CSAT, or customized CX metrics.

Share Reports

Quickly generate and send dynamic report links to enable real-time monitoring – and empower immediate action.

Gauge Perceptions

With automatic text analytics, you can make changes based on what’s important to your customers by quantifying sentiment and categorizing topics in text-based feedback.

Segment Responses

Segment and filter data by store, department, product, and other variables, and break down the customer experience.

Streamline workflows with key integrations
Easily integrate with Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and more and elevate workflows without disrupting existing processes.
Automate workflows and alerts across all of your systems to increase collaboration between teams.
Combine operational and experience data for a holistic view of customer relationships and find areas of improvement.
Enhance every step of your survey process with API integration
Don’t just take our word for it…

Sogolytics helps the world’s most successful retail companies to reduce churn and increase profits.
Here are their stories.
Make the most of your customer loyalty programs
Better understand what parts of your loyalty programs are a success and where changes need to be made.
Innovate new loyalty perks by learning what customers want, and what they don’t.
Analyze how your rewards and loyalty programs stack up against the competition’s, and take action to make yours a top selling point.

Identify customer pain points and exceed their expectations with Sogolytics.

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Flexible and fully supported

Easy to Use
Comprehensive dashboards with an intuitive interface make it easy to capture the insights you need or delve deeper into certain aspects.

Tailor Your Insights
Get accurate insights with the help of ready survey templates or customize your surveys completely with endless features including white labeling, personalized URLs, and more.

Easily Scalable
Built for growth. Our advanced features, powerful automation, and easy integration makes it easy to expand with a platform that delivers—always.

Exceptional Support
You’ve got questions? Just get in touch! With 24/7/365 support options - from self-serve to scheduled calls - our experts ensure that you always have the answers you need to take the next step.

Upgrade the complete experience

Transform your CX strategy with additional Sogolytics solutions.


With SogoConnect, you can monitor customer feedback, manage outreach and communication, create tickets for follow-through.

Convert feedback into action through personalized responses
Open a continuous dialogue with your customers
Provide customers with multiple channels for feedback

With SogoEX, you can gather important employee engagement data and spot problems that impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Correlate employee satisfaction data with your other business metrics
Better understand the relationship between your employees and your customers
Gain insight into key drivers of employee engagement to help boost customer service
Start collecting answers today with our
professionally designed survey templates.


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