Improved Analytics Boost Patient Satisfaction

To provide better service, the Association for Utah Community Health needed better data and more flexibility. Leaving behind their outsourced development structure, AUCH gained control and reduced report creation time by 83%.

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Association for Utah Community Health

For over 30 years, AUCH has served Utah’s Health Centers and their patients as the Primary Care Association (PCA) in the state. Utah's 13 Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) funded Health Centers operate 54 clinics in Utah, two in Wyoming, and one Idaho, providing care to more than 166,000 people annually.

The Challenge

AUCH’s mission is to represent and support Utah’s Health Centers by providing trainings and technical assistance to improve the quality of and access to comprehensive health care services. To deliver better care across Utah, it was important to gather patient satisfaction data to better assess patient needs and support data-driven solutions. To accomplish this, Shelly, AUCH Data Resources Coordinator, planned to collect patient feedback in partnership with Utah’s Health Centers and provide reports back to Health Centers to guide patient engagement, new programs, and plans that would optimize their patients’ overall experience.

Prior to Sogo, Shelly had to request the development team (which was outsourced) to create surveys as they needed to be programmed. But doing so was not always a priority for the development team. As a result, the Data Team missed major deadlines with its electronic Patient Satisfaction Survey Program (ePSS), causing real frustration for the team and dashing management’s expectations. When surveys were finally developed and distributed to patients, piecing together the necessary management reports was an arduous, labor-intensive task. Reports were manually created from Excel files for each individual clinic and then manually rolled up into a consolidated report. It would easily take up to a month and a half to get the reports out – reports that were done on a quarterly basis. The AUCH Data Team needed a much more efficient solution, and they began researching alternatives, checking reviews, websites, comparing features, and seeking solutions with automated reporting capabilities.

The Solution

After a diligent review, Sogo became the platform of choice. “Sogo was way ahead of the competition in the top slot with the second contender much further down,” Shelly shared, “Sogo left others in the dust. I was impressed by everything!” Its reporting capabilities varied and advanced question types, and easy customization were especially important to AUCH. “It’s a powerful tool as it enables you to do quite a few unique things, especially with logic branching, and we can customize each survey to the clinic’s needs.”

Learning the new software was fast and easy. A friendly account manager coupled with knowledgeable and responsive tech support were quick to reply to all questions and were also willing to schedule conference calls to discuss any issues, sending out periodic helpful videos and tips. Training was readily available for survey development. “Customer and technical support are top notch! They are there to help me use the software in the best ways possible for AUCH and for our customers. Sogo is lovely to work with, are thorough, and they go the extra mile to help me. Bravo, everyone! I highly recommend them.” said Shelly.

AUCH was able to analyze data better by leveraging Sogo’s features including:
  • Weighted mean score capabilities in graphs
  • Multi-question branching, display question logic, and language translation
  • Different question types (radio button, check box, text, grid/matrix, etc.), formatting, descriptive text, etc.
  • Many report types supported with easy-to-use automation
  • Data aggregation to help in project planning
  • An export tool that allows reports to be saved in Excel and/or PowerPoint format
The Result

With the help of Sogo, the AUCH Patient Satisfaction Survey Program has been a success. AUCH Management has received rave reviews from all participating health centers, and excellent results from satisfaction surveys with their patients sharing glowing reviews. “This supports the idea that the move to Sogo was the perfect move for us,” said Shelly.

The Data Team has exceeded management’s deadlines with patient surveys and no longer need to rely on previous vendors. Developing and distributing their own surveys in a timely way allows the team to revise existing surveys at any time to satisfy the needs of their demanding health care customers.

“I love your Sogo software. I cannot say enough. It’s everything I need to create a survey right at my fingertips. But not just create it, it also allows me to manage and review the data – even import/export to different places. It’s a one stop shop for everything — access to data and reporting tools. Sogo puts me in the command chair. I can now do it myself,” said Shelly.

With Sogo, the Association for Utah Community Health benefits include:
83% reduction in report creation time – Average turnaround times of six weeks have been reduced to just one week, saving up to 20 hours annually on reporting alone.
Greater accuracy and customization of reports – from a manual process to automated, accurate reporting also allows tailoring surveys to specific health center needs.
Increased customer base - AUCH added two more customers to its electronic Patient Satisfaction Survey program, reducing reporting time for other projects including expansion and support into other states such as Montana, Idaho, Wyoming.
Expanded survey opportunities – Employee satisfaction surveys are targeted to launch in 2021 at Health Centers as well as potential staff training assessments for greater engagement.


“Sogo software has made my work easier. I have enjoyed using the software to not only ease my workload, but to make the surveys the best they can be. We can customize the surveys to meet the needs of the customer. This is what many health centers have said they want.”

- Shelly, AUCH Data Resources Coordinator


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