Digital transformation improves experiences for clients and saves time for team members

Omnichannel distribution expanded reach to a wider participation group
Improved reporting options reduced report prep from 13 hours to 1 hour
Platform flexibility enables agility as requirements shift
It's kind of fascinating that an almost 90-year-old company has totally digitally transformed itself — and Sogolytics was hugely instrumental in helping us complete that transition.
Joseph Marth, Ph.d
Director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity,
Accessibility, and Leadership (IDEAL),
HR Services
Seattle, USA
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The Story

The challenge

In 2019, Archbright decided that they were in need of digital transformation.

“We are an almost 90-year-old company, and we decided that we were going to digitally disrupt ourselves—before somebody else did,” explains Joseph Marth, PhD, Director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Leadership (IDEAL) at Archbright.

“So we moved to an open office concept, developed our own internal app, and started looking at innovative technologies we could use to reduce our own internal process time for certain tasks.”

One of Archbright’s most time-consuming internal processes concerned the employee engagement and employee satisfaction surveys they conducted for their clients.

“The fact that they could see the results — could touch and feel it — made employees more comfortable. There were no names, nothing identifiable.” Teams discussed their takeaways and suggestions about what could be done to deal with the issues presented and to improve future results.

For our team to produce survey reports for our clients, we were spending about 13 hours per assessment in the back office,” Joseph says. “It was important for us to have a platform that could reduce that 13 hours down to something a lot smaller. ”
The solution

Since Joseph was heading up Archbright’s research and development, he began investigating survey tools and feedback management platforms that could streamline their internal processes.

“At the time, we were producing physical survey results books, and we were even still doing paper surveys for some of our clients,” Joseph says. “And it just wasn’t realistic.”

As he compared the capabilities of competing survey platforms, Sogolytics stood out from the crowd.

Decision made, Archbright adopted Sogolytics and found that it rapidly accelerated their reporting process —and came with several other fantastic use cases and advantages.

“The fact that they could see the results — could touch and feel it — made employees more comfortable. There were no names, nothing identifiable.” Teams discussed their takeaways and suggestions about what could be done to deal with the issues presented and to improve future results.

The result

Before Sogolytics, generating survey reports for clients took Archbright’s team an average of 13 hours per assessment. Now it’s a fraction of that.

“I clocked myself, and to do a full back office survey administration took me about an hour,” Joseph says. “To go from 13 hours down to one is just amazing.”

In addition to speeding up data analysis and report customization, Sogolytics has increased Archbright’s operating efficiency in a variety of other ways, as well.

For example, Sogo’s multichannel distribution capability has enabled Archbright to reach survey participants of all backgrounds.

“We occasionally have manufacturing clients whose employees do not all have work emails,” Joseph says. “To make it easier for employees to complete the survey, we created a multi-use survey participation link and set up an on-site kiosk. In other cases, we’ve used SMS text invites to survey employees on their smartphones.”

And when COVID hit the Pacific Northwest in early 2020, Sogolytics enabled Archbright and their clients to develop an agile response.

Remarkable Ease-of-Use

Joseph says that he and his colleagues have been impressed by the convenient, intuitive platform they’ve found in Sogolytics — especially as it compares to alternative survey tools.

“We have an annual benefit survey that we send out to all of our clients,” Joseph says. “The last time we ran it, we were using Question Pro, and it was terribly cumbersome to do the logic and all that was needed. So we switched to Sogo and it became a far easier, less time-consuming process.”

Additionally, one of the reasons Archbright chose Sogolytics was the ease with which they could generate shareable reports.

“By contrast, Qualtrics said you couldn't send a survey results link unless your client was a Qualtrics user themselves,” Joseph explains. “So that was hamstringing a lot of employer associations that we have.”

Many of Joseph’s colleagues – as well as some of Archbright’s clients – recognized the benefits of Sogolytics and gained confidence in its ability to analyze, interpret, and present results. Even those who were loyal to other platforms switched to Sogo and never looked back.

“My colleague Jenna came to me wanting access to Survey Monkey, and when I asked her why, she said, ‘Oh, it’s just amazing what it can do,’” Joseph remembers. “And I said, ‘Well, let’s see if you still feel that way after you get into Sogo.’ And after she’d used both, she had been completely converted over to Sogo.”

Incredible Value for a Robust Platform

There are a variety of use cases that Archbright deals with, but no matter what comes up, Sogo has the answer — and it’s constantly adding new features and capabilities.

“I’ve seen other technology platforms that rest on their laurels, and don’t try to continually make themselves better and more robust,” Joseph says. “But Sogo is always improving, and it’s nice for us to see that there are always more things that are being added to the platform.”

For example, with Sogolytics’s rules and alerts feature, the Archbright team doesn’t have to wait for “later” to take decisive action.

Instead, they can respond to a situation immediately based on a survey participant’s individual responses. In terms of newer features, Joseph is especially excited about report-level segmentation, which Archbright plans to incorporate into their DEI assessments to segment the data by identity groups and see how people from different marginalized groups view their organization.

Joseph adds that he’s especially impressed by the incredible value that Sogo offers over pricier competitors – and so are many of his peers.

We have a survey group, and since I do all of the research for all the other employer associations, they were asking me what platform I was using. So I showed them what Sogolytics can do, and most of them just went, ‘Oh… I think we should be using that platform, too – it just makes sense.
About Archbright
Archbright is an HR services provider based in Seattle.
Founded in 1936, the company has become one of the oldest and most trusted resources for employers in the Pacific Northwest.
Archbright offers easy access to expert HR, Safety, and Legal advice through an affordable annual membership. Their primary mission is to help their client companies elevate workplace performance.
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