Baseline Study Advances Employee Engagement

Partnering with the Sogo Managed Projects Team enabled Sims to conduct a multilingual worldwide study that delivered baseline measures and actionable insights on how to improve the employee experience.

Sims Limited
Positioning for Tomorrow

Sims Limited, one of the world’s leading metal and electronics recyclers and an emerging leader in the municipal recycling and renewable energy industries, has a reputation for continuous improvements in its operations, functions, and people. Given that Sims has more than 4,000 employees working in 200 facilities across 15 countries, the project required a unique level of sophistication in the design of the instrument, global distribution and translation capabilities, analysis of results, and presentation of the findings to multiple audiences.

Designing a Global Ready Employee Engagement Survey Sogo design experts engaged with Sims to incorporate proven Employee Experience methodology and ensure that the survey would deliver rich data about who employees are, what drives their engagement, and how Sims could craft meaningful initiatives to make a difference. The group worked together to adjust the questions, review and change the question flow, and address concerns around anonymity and survey fatigue.
Translation for Better Responses The global distribution of the Sims workforce was a special consideration for this employee engagement survey. Sims takes pride in the diversity of its employees and communities, and it was important for inclusivity that the survey worked across several countries, seven different time zones, and 15 languages. While Sogo’s automatic translation features laid the groundwork, this project also included a native-language speaker review of all the questions, email copy, and informational text. After making improvements to the survey design and translations, Sogo project managers launched the employee engagement survey to reach all Sims employees.
Action Ready EX Results From the start of this survey - this first comprehensive measurement of employee engagement - the joint Sims/Sogo team knew the criticality of how insights would be presented. The Sogo team worked to translate the internal research requirements gathered from across the Sims organization into the survey design and its reporting structure.The dashboard and reports helped Sims to slice and dice the data in different cuts in order to tailor the results for all of the separate internal reviewers. Because of Sogo’s capability of delivering role-based dashboards, a variety of different data visualization techniques, and easy one-click monitoring of results, it was possible for Sims leaders to each review their own most important data points. With such a distributed team, more local data segments provided more actionable insights.Most importantly, Sims knew the level of their employee engagement in respect to the internal changes. The team presented key engagement findings across a number of demographics such as gender, tenure, role, geographic region, etc. In addition, the Sogo solution provided a correlation of key drivers against engagement, which helped Sims prioritize their actions. The driver dimensions included Communication, Purpose and Direction, Career Growth and Training, Work Environment, and Feedback and Recognition.


“Our project manager was knowledgeable, very understanding of what we were looking for, and she really knew how to use what Sogo had available to achieve the results that we wanted.”

Réal Hamilton-Romeo - Group Director, Corporate Communications


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