Flexibility and Quick Insights Enable Pivot

Dealing with challenging deadlines and high-stakes events is nothing new for T3 Expo, but the global pandemic’s impact on the events industry presented them with even greater challenges — and a greater need for answers, flexibility, and insights.

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T3 Expo, a provider of innovative event and tradeshow solutions and products, has won numerous awards through creative excellence in successfully organizing and executing exhibitions and events worldwide. Helping customers innovate and create new ways to interact with their customers for an improved experience is their company’s philosophy. So, it’s not surprising that companies like Salesforce, Amazon, and International Toy Fair trust T3 to deliver flexibility, creativity and efficiency at all their events.

With the arrival of the 2020 pandemic, T3’s core event planning business came to a halt. Rapid reinvention was needed to stay relevant. Because they build things for events as tradeshow contractors, they were able to quickly pivot to developing and delivering products that made a significant difference in the community: from building personal protective equipment, to providing shields, desks and intubation tents, to helping the US Army Corps build and design temporary modular hospital rooms for COVID-19 patients at the Javits Convention Center. Developing relationships and connecting with customers, partners, and communities is T3 Expo’s mantra.

The Challenge

As part of a continuous effort to make their events a success for their attendees and exhibitors, T3’s approach in 2020 was to identify customer service level gaps and focus on better understanding customer perceptions. Their goal was to establish KPIs that measured customer services from project management to fulfillment, and to bring those KPI-driven insights to light, quickly and rapidly translating them into actionable tasks to better serve their customers in the future.

Stephen Varraso, VP of Strategic Accounts and Service Delivery, is T3’s leader for growth and customer success. “A week before our biggest event with 1,000 exhibitors/sponsors, we set a stake in the ground and decided to deploy a customer satisfaction survey to every key sponsor of the 140 events we’ll produce this year.” Understanding the customer’s experience is part of T3’s DNA, they needed to quickly find a way to gather information rapidly and at scale, to shed light on how their customer could get the most out of their experience with T3’s programs. And of course, the solution had to be affordable.

The Solution

T3 heard about Sogo through a referral. In response to T3’s inquiry, Sogo immediately set out to understand T3’s needs and showcase the product/research platform features that would best meet their objectives in the shortest time possible. “The onboarding process with Sogo was flawless, and the dedicated team they assigned to our account made us feel like we were their only customers,” said Varraso. “The Sogo team also did a tremendous job staying connected to ensure we were using their product in the most optimum way.”

There were many reasons why Sogo was selected over other providers they had partnered with in the past:
  • Intuitive, self-serve research tool
  • Competitive price point
  • Easy to scale up
  • “Flawless onboarding” and customer care
Also, Sogo customization options enable a familiar look-and-feel as many T3 clients appreciate the ability to change fonts, colors, banners, to deliver a seamless experience.“We found it wasn’t one of those complicated systems. We had asked for seamless API integrations, not a tool that leaves you all on your own,” shared Katelin Coyne, T3 Eventgineer. Committed to listening for solutions that make customers’ event experiences better, Coyne found Sogo a remarkably easy platform to deploy. “Deployment was so intuitive and easy to navigate, we were up and running in 72 hours. And it was great right out of the box. We didn’t need to integrate 75 different things.”
The Result

Championing leading-edge tech and on-demand services in the name of Shareable Moments™ is the vision of T3. The Sogo research platform allows T3 to offer multiple Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) efforts to ensure guaranteed unmatched innovation in meeting customer needs.

T3 is using their new data to deliver superior customer service with agile and reliable execution. Sogo has allowed T3 to measure the service delivery of event project management teams, the customer service levels of their newly established e-commerce site, and capture the digital assets of their valued sponsors. “The tool can be used in ways that we didn’t initially imagine. For example, we used the research tool to capture digital assets of fifty sponsors – and that saved us thousands of dollars and hundreds of developer hours in delivering a virtual event,” said Varraso.

To continue with their proven track record and reputation, Sogo helped T3 garner insights and customer journey interactions with the T3 customer service team with an intuitive app, and without physically visiting a service counter to ask questions if that’s what they preferred. According to Coyne, “Sogo’s data reporting was extremely easy to read and navigate. They made it simple for us to create slides and import related graphs into slide decks after the show to illustrate to our stakeholders internally and externally how people perceive us.” Rather than only using financial metrics to measure success, T3 is dedicated to continuously conducting thorough satisfaction studies of both customers and stakeholders to ensure the best customer experience.

With Sogo, T3 benefits include:
Expanded Use Cases – T3 expanded beyond traditional customer experience surveys to surveys that were employee facing, from buyers to attendees to exhibitors, and more. When T3 launched, their first commerce site selling PPE products, they began using Sogo to measure buyer satisfaction with the site and products, customer care service levels, etc.
Efficient Customer Data Collection – Due to its intuitive interface, T3 was able to learn and launch a new survey in 72 hours to 1,000 exhibitors.
Timely Management Updates - Easy reporting made it fast and effortless to create results presentations after each event to share customer experiences with management teams.
Better Internal Resource Allocation – The tool became so easy and intuitive to use, the Asset Allocation team was able to deploy surveys in house, with no IT intervention, to measure employees’ technology usage and identified desired productivity apps. Because employees had a mixed usage of devices and operating systems, T3 was able to collect data about the best next investments on operating systems and communication / collaboration tools.
What’s Next with Sogo
INNOVATION: T3 will take all the findings from Sogo research efforts and find ways to enhance current and future service offerings
RESEARCH: Create new research processes to continue to evaluate service levels to transform events into shareable moments.
INCREASE REVENUE: Leverage the Sogo platform to identify new products to establish new revenue streams ( and beyond).


“I would absolutely, positively say with certainty that we would recommend [Sogo] to our industry peers. I think it’s a tool that is tremendously valuable. Not only because of the insights that you’re able to garner from it, but just the fact that it’s so outrageously easy to use from our business perspective.”

- Stephen Varraso, VP, Strategic Accounts and Service Delivery


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