Simple Solution Powers Complex Study

A PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle in Australia conducting a 3-year study on the impact of leadership coaching in organizations needed a powerful survey tool to gather vital data at key junctures of the study.

the University of Newcastle, Australia

The University of Newcastle Australia (UON) is a world-class university focused on excellence in teaching, research, and the student experience. UON is consistently ranked in the top 10 Australian universities and the top 3% of universities worldwide.

The Challenge

The size and scope of this study required software that was reliable, intuitive, and easy to implement. The numerous surveys involved serve as the backbone of a 360-degree assessment process involving several hundred participants in locations all around the globe over an extended period of time. By the time the study is complete, the team expects to have completed almost 3,000 unique surveys.

From the very beginning, the team had to have the right survey option in place to ensure both consistency for those involved and also guaranteed access to all the features they might possibly need over the next 36 months of the study. Having to shift to another resource or utilize multiple resources was a scenario they wanted to avoid at all costs.

The Solution

Careful evaluations were made of all the leading survey software available on the market. The team at the university made an unanimous decision to start the study utilizing Sogo. One year into the project, they feel confident and satisfied they made the correct choice.


“Sogo has a very professional feel that reinforces the impression with our subjects that this study is being conducted using cutting edge technology and tools. We are sure this has helped increase participation in the surveys.”

Peter Haliwell · PhD Candidate, University of Newcastle

The Highlights


For such a long-term and far-reaching study, the team had to have 100% confidence the security and integrity of their data would never be compromised. The fact that Sogo utilizes multiple Class A, Tier 1 data centers provided the peace of mind that years of hard work and research would remain protected and intact. Haliwell notes: “A full year into the project and we have had zero hiccups or technical issues whatsoever.”


Surveys are not only completed by participants in the leadership study, but also by their direct reports, supervisors, and other groups. The university found that Sogo’s advanced branching logic allowed them to properly construct surveys that would meet every circumstance.


Ease of use for the participants was of particular importance to ensure they achieved the highest response rates possible. Even through the sophisticated requirements of constructing and conducting such a complex study, the team has praised Sogo’s strong capabilities while remaining easy to use for all parties involved.

One year into the project, they feel confident and satisfied they made the correct choice.

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