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Engage your customers at every point of their interaction with your company – and keep them coming back.

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Customer experience management means more than collecting feedback about customer experiences. A complete customer experience platform, SogoCX allows you to monitor customer sentiment throughout their journey with your company — not just at one moment in time.

With powerful analytics at your fingertips, you’ll have real insight into what your customers are thinking.

Build relationships that last

The best customer experience software helps you build a foundation of trust and loyalty with your customers, nurturing advocates who are passionate about your company.

Listen to your customers

Gather customer feedback across multiple channels and touchpoints with ease.

Show them you care

Respond quickly to every customer by setting up instant notifications for feedback.

Understand what matters

Break down key metrics to learn the voice of the customer and deliver experiences that resonate.

Identify customer preferences

View trends over time and spot patterns to create experiences that make an impact with powerful analytics.

Go for the “wow” factor.

Meet the customer experience platform that uncovers customers’ real motivations, enabling you to create truly memorable experiences.

It’s no wonder that SogoCX is one of the top customer experience management solutions in the market today!


Address pain points in real time

Respond quickly to customer issues, adapt to evolving demands in the marketplace, and align people, processes, and technology to meet current and future challenges.

Monitor customer sentiment

Gather feedback across all touchpoints to track and improve key customer experience metrics, including Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Make the data work for you

Discover trends and patterns in customer sentiment and make course corrections when (and where) they matter most with a CX software that does it all.
not reactive

SogoCX is a comprehensive customer experience management software designed to streamline the customer journey every step of the way.


Build business value from the very start


Collect multi-channel feedback across the customer journey


Bring together customer experience data and operational data


Respond and close the loop across any channel


Identify the best actions for the biggest ROI


Systematically monitor all touchpoints and data

What is Customer
Experience Management?

In the age of constantly evolving consumer expectations, your biggest business differentiator is the experience you deliver. How do your customers feel when they interact with your business? Do they trust your business to not only meet their basic needs, but to deliver on their highest expectations? This not only determines how loyal your customers are, but also how likely they are to recommend your business to others. Our powerful customer experience management platform helps business understand and identify customer concerns, map out the customer journey to better understand what matters the most, and implement predictive analytics to assess how various SogoCX helps organizations better strategize, optimize experiences, and maximize ROI, creating brands that become icons. changes can impact your bottom line.

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