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How to get your free student account

Upgrade to a paid Plus package for free! Just follow the steps below to request your free upgrade.

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Give us your honest feedback about our platform on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media site.


Provide an honest review on one of the many review sites we are on. We thrive on feedback!


Email us at with a formal request for a student license, along with an image of your review and an image of your student ID. grade to


We’ll email your confirmation, and the you’ll have free access for one year. After that, you can review for a 50 percent discount.

What is included in your free account?

As a student, you already have enough to balance: schoolwork, social life, professional development, and more. We don’t want to add to that burden, so that’s why we provide an account with numerous advanced features for no cost.

Supercharge Feedback

Get the answers you need

Our web-based platform is designed to be simple, intuitive, and effective for everyone. Craft powerful surveys that have a higher response rate, easily!
Increase Reach

Connect with your audience

Establish meaningful connections all over the world via your audiences’ preferred platforms: text, email, social media, and more!
Transform Insights

Leverage advanced analytics

From the moment you launch your survey, our smart reporting analytics calculate metrics in real time, giving you the most complete view of your data at any moment.

Professional Tool for Everyday Use

Our web-based tools are accessible from anywhere, giving you the flexibility to take it with you from semester to semester, project to project, or even to a new school.

Sogolytics’s expertly designed templates allow you to create and deploy surveys at a moment’s notice, ensuring you’ll never miss out on important feedback or data collection.


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What goes in the email I send to Sogolytics to get my free account?

  • Your Sogolytics account username

  • The URL of your blog post

  • The Facebook or other social media account name through which you liked and commented on our page

  • A copy of your student ID

How soon will my free account be upgraded?

Within 24 hours of receiving your email with all the necessary information.

Can I opt for a Pro or Premium plan instead?

Yes, we offer significant discounts on these packages. Please see the Discounted Student License section below.

How long can I have this discount?

The plan lasts only for one year, at which point you can apply for a renewal. Sogolytics offers a 50 percent student discount for the subsequent year.


How do I renew my discount?

Repeat the process, including posting a new Facebook comment and writing a public article or review. Next, send a request to to renew your discount.

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