Employee Experience Management
for data-driven care

Attract and retain top talent, keep your employees engaged, and manage successful people operations with a platform designed to help you care for caregivers.

End-to-end experience management

Get a true omni-view of data and connections to uncover surprising gaps and new opportunities and promote deeper engagement.

better employee retention
27.7 %
Is the current hospital turnover rate resulting in an average loss of $6.6m – $10.5m for besides RNs alone.1
find what really matters
of all employees are more likely to prioritize health and well-being over work now.2
a culture of performance
Higher increase of revenue growth as compared to those without a performance-enhancing culture.3

Understand employee satisfaction, optimize their journey, and monitor where to make the most impactful changes—all in one place.

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Empower and develop your workforce
with features designed to work together

Proactively Collect Feedback

Gain a snapshot of employee sentiment to identify—and correct—issues before they get worse with regular pulse checks.

What Really Matters

Break down and analyze data through text analysis, Key Driver Analysis, and natural language processing (NLP) to understand what really matters to your employees and act.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Track trends in employee experience, uncover drives for employee satisfaction and understand behaviors with data-rich reports

Optimize Onboarding

Generate insightful crosstab, statistical, or conditional reports to analyze specific information about where your onboarding might fall short and prioritize improvements.

Touchpoint Analytics

Identify where your patients’ care journey falls short—during appointment scheduling, post-care follow-up, or something else.

Comprehensive dashboard

Get a complete 360-view of important employee experience metrics in one dashboard at a glance!


Create an ecosystem for exceptional employee experience with personalized mirco-moments designed from deep insights.
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The Association for Utah Community Health has served as the Patient Care Association (PCA) for Utah’s Health centers and their patients for over 30 years, providing training and technical assistance to improve the quality of and access to comprehensive healthcare services. They needed a reliable and comprehensive solution to gather feedback to assess needs and support data-driven solutions.

Sogo helped AUCH reduce report creation time by 83%, turning average turnaround times from six weeks to one.

Expertly designed templates to get you started

Not sure where to start or need some inspiration to gain the data you need? Sogolytics houses an extensive survey template bank to support any project.

Start personalizing your employee experiences now!

Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
360-Degree Evaluation Survey
360-Degree Evaluation Survey
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
Employee Safety Survey
Employee Safety Survey
See the Sogolytics Difference

Take a holistic approach to patient care with additional Sogolytics patient experience softwares.

Bring it all together by leveraging the complete solution. Sogolytics is designed to be your one-stop-solution to deliver a superior experience for everyone. Our integrated ecosystem enables you to see the complete picture while focusing in on different factors to better identify the nuances.

View key metric trends, measure employee & customer satisfaction, and keep an eye on feedback with a powerful ticketing solution that keeps you in the loop.

We understand that nothing happens in isolation, that’s why we are dedicated to creating solutions that give you the answers you need, easily.

Rethink Employee Engagement and Transform Your Work Culture
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What are strong indicators of employee engagement?
How do you improve the employee experience?
What are the challenges of employee experience?


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