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Attract the best employees, retain top talent, and deepen engagement

SogoEX: Engineered to help you elevate the employee experience.

Embrace a data-driven
approach to recruitment, retention, and engagement.
Make the right impression

With SogoEX, learn what works and what doesn’t to recruit and retain top talent before your competition does.

Attract the Best


of candidates say that a bad interview experience makes them lose interest in the job.*
Increase Profitability


higher profitability was noted in highly engaged business units stemming from higher productivity.**
Empower Retention


of engaged employees are less likely to look for other opportunities, and instead be more loyal.***
*Business Insider
**Gallup, 2017
***Gallup, 2015
Reduce employee turnover

Put your data to work by tracking trends in employee behavior and satisfaction through data-rich employee experience reports.

Foster efficiency—for you and your employees

With pre-population and auto-fill data from personnel records, you can keep surveys short, save time, and increase participation.

Encourage responses with anonymity

Set the level of anonymity you prefer within surveys—and boost response rates to ensure more accurate data across the board.

Act quickly with pulse surveys

Deploy regular pulse surveys to get a snapshot of employee sentiment to promptly identify and correct employee experience issues before they get worse.

Transform your
employee engagement strategy with SogoEX

Discover what’s working—and what’s not—with your onboarding

Create a top-notch onboarding experience with feedback from employees who most recently experienced it—through surveys automatically triggered to deploy at pre-set times.

Optimize Onboarding

Generate insightful cross-tab, statistical, or conditional reports to analyze specific information about where your onboarding might be falling short, and prioritize improvements.

Track Progress

Understand comprehension to tailor training programs and development with self-scoring assessments.

Make a Connection

Get new hires up and running faster by finding out what resonates with them during onboarding.

Customize Responses

Keep new hires on track and tailor the onboarding process with customized reminders and follow-ups based on their responses.

Develop your talent
to reduce attrition

Make your training and development programs more effective with feedback that helps you target your efforts. Assess your employees’ knowledge, identify learning gaps, and help them develop their skillset using customized assessments, surveys, and quizzes. Simultaneously empower managers and team leaders with the information they need to mentor and guide employees, all available through a user-friendly dashboard.

Make the most of the exit interview

There’s something to be learned from every stage of the employee lifecycle—and the exit interview is no exception. SogoEX helps you uncover why employees are leaving, and what to do about it with automatically generated exit surveys.

Anonymous surveys embolden employees to give candid responses
Monitor and improve employee engagement with advanced analytics
Discover engagement gaps and improve on them, reducing attrition rate
Integration made

SogoEX integrates with your preferred tools, from Asana to Zendesk, and everything in between.

Gain insight with
advanced analytics

Analyze all of your engagement data and display actionable results in a shareable format ready for management review.

Tailor Your Reports

Generate out-of-the-box reports with just a few clicks

Monitor Trends

Track patterns and changes over time to provide department and team leads with the information they need to be effective managers and build on success

Dive into Details

With role-based analytics, managers gain insights into what engages and motivates their teams

View Live Responses

Follow real-time trends in employee behavior and beliefs with data-rich employee experience reports.

Get a Quick Overview

See a 360-degree view of the employee experience, along with strengths and weaknesses

Elevate the experience

Take a modern approach to engaging your employees with SogoConnect

Streamline feedback and follow-up, easily

With SogoConnect, you can establish a continuous, two-way conversation between employees and managers.

Convert feedback into action through personalized responses
Provide employees with multiple channels for feedback: webforms, email, SMS and more
Eliminate silos and create a culture of collaboration
Don’t just take our word for it

Sogolytics helps some of the world’s most respected companies connect with employees and build better recruiting and retention programs.
Here are their stories.

Elevate employee engagement and boost loyalty to create a work culture that works with SogoEX.

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