Connect with the right people Survey Panel Services

Get the best quality responses for targeted research to make the most effective and impactful decisions with ease.

Fortify your research with focused participation

The right audience can make the difference between impactful insights and answers that lead you astray. That’s why Sogolytics’s panel services help you reach the right people to get the answers you need.

The advantage of survey panel services

Get accurate and authentic insights with a focused panel and higher response rates to take the best strategic step.

Right Audience

Capture Accurate Insights

Understand audience sentiments and get insights that help optimize your strategy with targeted panel services.
Representative Responses

Response Reliability

Increasing response rates and getting accurate answers is never easy. With panel services, you not only get access to the right audience, but can also be assured higher response rates!
Quick Turnaround

Get Faster Responses

Survey panels can give you a faster turnaround time so you can get the show in the road. Capture insights and make your survey count in record time.
The process

You know the exact questions that need answers and the right population to target, but don’t know how to get in touch with them. That’s where our panel services come into play.

Define the Goal

We go beyond survey panels to help you determine the optimum number of responses needed to give context to your research. Let’s set the goal together and get started.

Align Your Questions

It’s not just about setting the right goals, but about ensuring that your survey will capture the answers you need. We work with you to ensure that your survey questions are aligned to deliver results.

Find Your Participants

Once we have an outline, we help you refine the parameters based on your budget and connect with the right participants to help you get the ball rolling.

Survey Distribution

You know your audience, now it’s time to connect. We monitor and manage audience participation to maximize the response rate and capture accurate insights.

Drive business intelligence

Do you need to learn about healthcare concerns people face, ant to understand market demand for an upcoming product, or just learn the common hurdles travelers face? We help you connect with right audiences across B2B and B2C industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, and more to capture objective, candid responses!

Uncover New Market Segments

Want to breach new markets? Before you dive into promoting your products, get statistical backing with targeted surveys to understand just what appeals to your audiences.

Capture Objective Market Demand

Loyal customers are more likely to buy newly launched products – but what about the market at large? Capture the objective perspective to make informed decisions. 

Understand Overall Pain-Points

Higher responses help you gather more accurate insights. Learn prevalent concerns and identify market vacuums with focused survey panels tailored to fit your customer/participant persona.

Power In-Depth Research

Get candid responses from survey participants filtered based on strict criteria to establish correlation, identify prevalent patterns, and conduct studies focused on reliability and validity.

Survey solutions for every need

Find the right solution for your organization with the help of our managed survey solutions. 

Managed Survey Projects
Skip the learning curve with our Managed Survey Projects.

Our experts will take care of it all to help you get the best insights – from conception to reports – while keeping you in the loop every step of the way!

Survey Panel Services
Know exactly what you want to know, just don’t know how to ask it?

We help you frame the right questions and employ advanced features to increase audience engagement and get the responses you need.

Connect with your audience // Make the right connections

Understand exactly what concerns your audience and devise thoughtful, innovative solutions with insights that hit the mark via our Survey Panel Services

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