SoGoSurvey Integrations Enable Possibility

Automate processes and simplify workflows through SoGoSurvey integrations with Salesforce, Zapier, Google Analytics, and more.

Integration made easy.

Cut out the busywork and simplify your processes by connecting SoGoSurvey with your preferred tools. From Asana to Zendesk, your perfect partners are waiting!

Identify a workflow to streamline with automation, then prep your tools to get the job done.
Link your SoGoSurvey account with the right tool, then choose the perfect triggering conditions to start the info flowing!
With your SoGoSurvey integration up and running, you’ll deepen your analysis, save your time, and maximize your resources.

Automate Success with SoGoSurvey

Understand Your Audience Collect double the details about your survey participants by connecting your Google Analytics and SoGoSurvey accounts.

Simplify Sales
Embed a survey into your website, then quickly and easily capture leads with your SoGoSurvey Salesforce integration.
Enhance Support
As cases come in to your support team, collect performance feedback and update Salesforce records with the most recent customer satisfaction scores.
Connect Directly
With SoGoSurvey and Salesforce integration, it’s easy to distribute surveys to your contacts and leads, simplifying customer experience management.
SoGoSurvey + Salesforce = Data Delight
In just a few clicks, you’re connected! You don’t have to be an expert in Salesforce or surveys to make the most of this powerful integration.
With SoGoSurvey, each project is perfectly branded and easily designed to meet your data collection goals. Plus, distribution options across a variety of channels allow you to connect with your participants at the right moment in the right way.
Once you’re connected with Salesforce, your reporting potential expands! Run analysis, generate reports, and populate dashboards to grow your understanding across numerous data points and angles.
Zap! You’re It!
Zapier makes it super easy to connect apps and automate your processes. Integrate SoGoSurvey with Zapier, and your options are endless – or pretty close! Zapier works like a connecter, enabling you to bring together SoGoSurvey with one of 1,000+ apps! Build the workflow (Zap!) you want, then sit back and let Zapier do the heavy lifting. Push your survey results into Slack messages, Trello cards, Gmail emails, Dropbox deposits, or more!
Google Analytics: Get The Big Picture
While your SoGoSurvey account tracks participation data and analyzes results, connecting with your Google Analytics account expands your understanding. Maybe you’re tracking website traffic, email clicks, or ad views, but if you’re not checking out who’s accessing your surveys, you’re missing out.

It’s Better Together

  • SoGoSurvey’s intuitive design means it’s easy to use, no matter your experience level.
  • A full bank of readymade survey templates lets you launch faster, embedding professionally designed surveys into your website or your workflow.
  • Distribute by single-use email invitation, mobile app embed, social media – whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • Instant alerts keep you updated at all times, whether you’re waiting for a quota to be met or keeping an eye out for low ratings.
  • SoGoSurvey’s built-in reporting engine delivers robust analysis, and integration with your CRM means the possibilities are endless.


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