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SogoSurvey powerful report module quickly crunches your data and generates professional charts, graphs, and tables that you can easily share.

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Your data isn’t very valuable if you can’t make sense of it.

That’s why SogoSurvey gives you so many ways to visualize data, including bar graphs, area charts, pie charts, radar charts and more. There’s also a wide range of report types, from statistical reports that analyze your data using standard statistical measures, to comparison reports that help you find the similarities and differences in separate data sets. And all of these real-time reports can easily be shared with colleagues, friends, and followers.

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Getting started is easy with our transparent monthly and annual pricing plans. Choose the features and controls you need, sign up online, and launch your campaign. Or try us for free. Seriously.

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Bar Graph Reports
Choose from 10 different customizable charts and graphs such as area charts, pie charts, and radar charts.
Response Rate Report
Observe response trends for a particular survey question such as year-to-year satisfaction with a product or service.
Statistical Report
Analyze your data using standard statistical measures such as mean, median, mode, and standard deviation.

…Or drill down deeper to make

important connections.

Conditional Report
Create filters so you can focus on sub-group relationships that allow you to react to important trends in real time.
Comparison Report
Compare different datasets from a single survey in order to view how different groups responded to particular questions.
Cross Tab Report
View possible correlations between two or three variables in order to compare how different groups answered your survey questions.

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