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SogoSurvey gives you the tools to maximize participation. Manage your contact list, invitations, and reminders - and get the answers you need.

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Your survey needs responses—which is why SogoSurvey prioritizes participation.

Encourage more answers by setting certain questions as mandatory, or even embedding them in the invitation email. Create and manage contact lists, schedule email invitations and reminders, and keep track of who’s participating and who’s not. And use easy-to-share chain invitations so that participants can further spread the survey to their own contacts.

How It Works

Getting started is easy with our transparent monthly and annual pricing plans. Choose the features and controls you need, sign up online, and launch your campaign. Or try us for free. Seriously.

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questions get answered.

Mandatory Questions
Get the most critical information for your study and inform your survey branching and skip logic by requiring participants to answer specific questions before they can proceed in the survey.
Encouraged Responses
Remind participants who skip “soft-required” questions that an answer would be helpful.
Embedded Question in Invitation
Embed a critical survey question—Radio Button, Rating Scale, Smiley Rating, or NPS—within the email invitation to increase response rates. When the participant answers the embedded question, it will take them to the full survey.

Keep track of your survey participants and

their participation status.

Manage Contact Lists
Build, save, and modify lists of survey participants that you can use for sending invites, mail merge, and pre-population.
Schedule Invitations and Reminders
Save time by scheduling your survey to automatically launch on a certain date and time, then automatically send reminders to participants who haven’t completed it after a certain number of days. You can also schedule an expiration date for the invitation link if necessary.
Distribution Dashboard
Track survey participation in the Distribution Dashboard, which shows who has received your invitation, who hasn’t and why, and who opened the invite but didn’t participate.

Make surveys easy to complete and share.

Smartphone- Compatible Surveys
Create surveys that are compatible with Android and iPhones.
Shareable Chain Invitations
Allow survey participants to forward a survey invitation to their friends and contacts to encourage even more responses.
Opt-Out/Unsubscribe Notifications
Comply with laws governing emails by including an opt-out/unsubscribe button with each survey email invitation. The notification allows participants to either opt-out of one specific survey or all future surveys.

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