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Upgrade to a paid Consumer Plus package for free! Just follow the steps below to request your free upgrade.

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Give us your honest feedback about our platform on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media site.


Include a link to by copying and pasting the following code on the home page of your non-profit’s website.

Click to copy this codePlease do not modify this html code. The license is active as long as the link is active and accessible on home page of your non-profit’s website.


Email us at with a formal request for a non-profit license.


We’ll email your confirmation, and then you’ll have free access for a year. After that, you can renew for a 50 percent discount.

Tools to Change the World

No hidden fees or tricks. Just access to customizable templates and our entire platform of survey design, communication, and reporting tools.

Enhance Communication

42 languages and counting

Translate your message into 42 different languages to reach out to people all over the world, then let our platform analyze and compile all results together.
Interactive Features

More than just text on a screen

Vivid images and spoken testimonials can be a powerful branding tool. With Sogolytics you can add images, videos, and other interactive elements to gauge reactions, influence donors, and much more.
Improve Analytics

Data ready to convince donors

Our platform offers real-time analytics so you’re always in the know. Moreover, with our numerous visualization options, you can directly present your reports, or export them to your program of choice.

Full Access to Our Platform

We understand that you are busy improving your community, and we don’t want to pile on anything else. That’s why we provide an account with numerous features at no cost.

Intuitive and Advanced

Our web-based platform is designed to be simple, intuitive, and effective for users of all levels. You don’t have to be an expert to craft powerful, effective messaging that people will respond to honestly.

Spread the

Sogolytics’s distribution options let you establish meaningful connections all over the world, via your audience’s preferred contact methods: text, email, social media, and more.

Cutting Edge Analytics

Our smart reporting analytics calculate metrics in real time, giving you the most complete view of your data at any moment. Your report can also be exported in many different formats to meet your needs.

24X7 Customer Support

Still feeling uncertain or have more questions? Our industry-leading customer support executives give you around the clock assistance on everything Sogolytics!


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What goes in the email?

  • Your Sogolytics account username

  • The Facebook account name through which you liked and commented on our page

  • The URL of your blog post

Can I opt for a Pro or Premium plan instead?

Yes, we offer significant discounts on these packages for non-profits.

How long can I have this discount?

The plan is for one year, at which point you can apply for a renewal.

How soon will my free account be upgraded?

Within 24 hours of receiving your email with all the necessary information.


How do I renew my discount?

Post a new Facebook comment and ensure the Sogolytics link on your site is still valid, then post a video or case study about your experience with Sogolytics. Finally, send an email request to

Discounted Non-Profit License

Can’t meet the requirements for the Free Annual Non-Profit License? Simply post the requested link on your site and take advantage of our discounted offers on the Consumer Plus, Consumer Pro, and Consumer Premium annual plans!

Review the feature comparison list to find the plan that best suits your needs.










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