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Contact forms are the best way for your visitors to connect with you. Prospects, customers, and other visitors appreciate a ready outlet to share questions or concerns, and you benefit from a steady source of insights about visitors’ needs and pain points. A contact page template makes it easy to capture the right information. To get started, simply embed into your site and start collecting insights Ready to make it easy for visitors to connect with you? Check out our Contact Us page template below.

Get in Touch with Your Audience

A contact form is an extension of your brand. Whether your audience is reaching out with a question, to seek assistance, or just to thank you for your product, it’s important that the form is simple and accessible.

  • Keep it On-Brand Your brand is your asset, so flaunt it. Provide a seamless customer experience with forms that reflect your style. Add your logo and brand colors, customize only the questions you need, and make the form a conversation that connects.
  • Add Engaging Question Types A contact form for your website needs to be the perfect balance of efficiency and engagement. Include too many questions and you’ll get fewer responses. Include too few and you won’t have enough information to follow up.
    There’s not a perfect number of questions to include, but there are perfect question types to include. Collect contact details through a Demographic question, validating email and phone numbers to improve follow-up. Use a searchable Drop Down to display multiple possible answers, control the size and character limit of your Text Box to encourage concise answers, and prevent spam by including a CAPTCHA option.
  • Ensure Data Security When customers fill in contact forms, they often share personal and sensitive data with you. It’s your job to treat this data with care, and it’s our job to maintain the most stringent data privacy and security standards to ensure the data stays secure.

Why Use a Contact Form Template?

With competition intensifying, businesses must do everything possible to retain existing customers while attracting new ones. Contact forms help with both.

  • Increase Your Leads Contact forms can capture more customer data and deliver more valuable leads than phone calls or emails. How? Contact forms can ask several pertinent questions, from the customer's topic of interest to their product or service type. Moreover, they can capture the geographical data of the user, helping you better understand customer preferences and build profiles. Beyond serving each single customer, more data will contribute to more focused marketing strategies.
  • Be Accessible With a greater percentage of activity now happening exclusively online, offering limited customer service hours just isn’t an option. Customers are used to businesses being accessible 24x7. Whether it’s a weekend or the wee hours of the morning, customers can reach out through your contact form at any time, enabling you to reply as efficiently as possible.
  • Make it Convenient Meet your visitors where they are. Rather than posting your email address (spam alert!) or redirecting visitors to one of your many social media channels (which one?), make it easy for people to reach out to you directly. A contact form that’s embedded on your website provides a seamless, accessible communication option that reduces visitor confusion and improves your team’s efficiency.
  • Automated Ease Once a response is received, simplify follow-up by automating notifications to the appropriate teams. Highlight key details, include the full message, and get the right questions the right answers as efficiently as possible. Based on your selected conditions and recipients, your contact form can be a truly versatile hub for delivering a seamless customer experience.


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