Partner Response Survey Template and Questionnaire 

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A successful business partnership relies on clear mutual understanding. The impact of COVID on businesses across the world is undeniable, and the interconnectedness of workflows and processes means that consistent practices is critical.

Set up a partner response survey to understand how your vendors, suppliers, and other partners are dealing with the crisis. Their feedback can offer you key insights on how you can help and increase partner loyalty in the long run. How you react now can have a long-lasting impact on your business relations in the future.

There are several key questions you’ll need to ask. That’s why we’ve developed a ready-to-use fully customizable partner response survey template to help you get started. 

Understand and Improve Partnership Satisfaction 

  •  Increase Response RatesAsk critical questions about the health and safety practices of your partners and collect more responses with multi-channel distribution to reach your audience wherever they are.  Automated reminders nudge non-participants, and response rate tracking allows you to target follow-up communication.
  • Deep Dive into ResponsesDive into the granular details and gain actionable insights by implementing the partner survey with our powerful reporting platform. Our advanced reports provide a quick overview to better understand your partners and their practices, while our advanced natural language processing dissects textual responses to give you a snapshot of key sentiments and concerns, helping you strengthen your partnerships even during challlenging times.
  • Leading Security Measures We manage data for clients across the world, so naturally security is at the heart of  Sogolytics. To ensure that your data remains yours alone, we adhere to the strictest global security compliances and our systems are regularly updated to ensure that all measures are in place.


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