Lost Customers Survey Template for Bank

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It’s never easy to lose a customer. However, it is a great time to reach out to see why they left. Asking lost customers if they’d recommend your financial institution to others and why they left with the Bank Lost Customer survey will help you identify problem areas. You can then take steps to improve those areas and increase your retention rate.

Learning the reasons why a customer leaves can be painful, but it’s unquestionably valuable. Actively collecting and leveraging feedback from lost customers is an important driver for continuous improvement.

If your bank is losing customers, a customer loss survey could help you change the tide and ensure customers remain. A customer loss survey collects and analyzes the data to identify common characteristics and sentiments of these customers. It also gives you a better understanding of the changes you must enact to win back these customers. The payoff comes when you successfully implement efforts for at-risk customers and win back desirable lost customers.

The Bank Lost Customer survey is designed specifically to enable you to identify why customers take their business elsewhere, what types of customers may be likely to discontinue doing business with you, and what issues you should focus on to prevent additional losses.


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