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Employee engagement in healthcare goes hand in hand with patient satisfaction and health outcomes. Engaged employees are passionate about their work and committed to their employer, their team, and their patients. As a result, they provide attentive, enthusiastic, compassionate care, which makes for happier, healthier patients. Providers are then more likely to meet incentive goals, maximize their Medicare reimbursement, and grow patient loyalty and advocacy. Employee satisfaction in healthcare is more than a positive force – it's a key driver of both revenue growth and organizational stability.

Our well-crafted healthcare employee engagement surveys present a comprehensive view of employee satisfaction in healthcare organizations. Targeted questions gather employees’ impressions of their roles and responsibilities, their work environment, and their experiences with their co-workers and management. With this feedback, providers can accurately diagnose engagement issues, identify the drivers, and translate the data into actions that will transform patient care and improve the bottom line.

Check in with employees before they check out

The healthcare workplace faces unique stressors, like long shifts and high stakes. Exhausted employees rack up more absences and sick days, putting the pressure on the remaining staff to pick up the slack. The resulting burnout and turnover create more than a void in the schedule. Losing skilled employees drains institutional knowledge and creates a vacuum in critical expertise that can be difficult and expensive to fill. Hospital staff satisfaction surveys can help you identify what’s contributing to employee stress and burnout, and find ways to address the challenges that drive employees out of your organization.

Put patient safety first

Errors compound when employee fatigue and low morale start to interfere with judgment and focus. Disengagement puts patient health and safety at risk and exposes the provider to liability. However, when employees believe their organization supports them and is committed to delivering quality care, there are fewer accidents and better health outcomes. Our professionally designed medical survey templates help providers identify potential safety and risk management issues, making it easier to spot ways to keep patients safer and reduce risk.

Win the talent competition

Recruiting and retaining quality employees, particularly in specific clinical areas, is a significant challenge in the highly competitive healthcare industry. Losing employees with critical skills who are difficult to replace costs providers valuable time, money, and resources. Employee engagement in healthcare depends on whether employees feel part of a stable organization where they can grow and advance, and be recognized for their contributions. Based on the feedback, you may decide to offer more competitive compensation and benefits, or change environmental factors that may be inhibiting day-to-day employee satisfaction.

Make the case with data

Struggling with financial constraints, leaders often hesitate to pursue engagement initiatives, missing the powerful correlations between employee engagement, patient satisfaction, care outcomes, and an organization’s financial health. Study after study shows this, but industry research doesn’t hit home the way concrete data does. Make your case by using our healthcare employee engagement surveys with your own team. Apply analytics to your results to clearly highlight the connections, making a compelling argument for training, team-building, or new compensation offerings.

Multiply your return on compliance

To receive federal or state funding, employers conduct annual reviews and performance evaluations. But these only provide part of the picture. If disengagement is compromising care outcomes and negatively impacting patient satisfaction, it can keep providers from meeting CMS standards, and receiving Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements. Our sample surveys help providers develop an organized process to measure and document an accurate, comprehensive assessment of employee engagement. Tracking and analyzing results over time will help bring about progressive improvements, increased revenue, and lower HR costs.

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Investing in engagement pays off
Employee engagement in healthcare reveals itself throughout the entire care cycle. It’s no surprise that there’s a strong correlation between employee engagement issues and patient satisfaction. Learn more about our Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

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