Volunteer Recruitment Survey Template

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Most non-profits have limited resources when it comes to volunteer recruitment. A deliberative planning process can help identify areas that may provide the greatest return on your investment of time, effort and resources. The Volunteer Recruitment Survey gathers information about volunteer applicants, asking questions about their desires, capabilities, schedules, and experiences.

As a non-profit, you’ve likely seen a lot of volunteers come and go. With most of your financial resources dedicated to serving your mission and organizational goals, you rely heavily on volunteers to run your programs. The problem is finding and keeping them. So what can you do to keep the volunteers you have and find more like them?

Surveying potential volunteers can help them learn more about themselves by addressing questions regarding their strengths, interests, skills, volunteer preferences, etc., while also providing you with important information about them. This in turn allows you to better match volunteers to tasks that are best-suited to their skills and most beneficial to your organization.

If you’re looking for a better way to find and coordinate volunteers for your non-profit, Sogolytics makes it easy to conduct a volunteer recruitment survey. With our sample questions and customizable templates, the Volunteer Recruitment Survey is designed help you understand more about the skills and experience of potential and new volunteers and find the right volunteers for your non-profit—fast.


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