Maintenance Request Form Template

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Maintenance issues can arise at any time of day or night. Make it easy for residents to report their issues, and keep it simple for you and your team to follow up. Happy residents and well-maintaned property: sounds like a win!

Anyone who’s ever had a leaky faucet or a malfunctioning appliance knows that the small things can make a big difference. Plus, if you live in an apartment or other rental property and your landlord is responsible for your maintenance, you certainly hope the change can be made quickly before too much dripping floods your patience! The Maintenance Request Form is a highly customizable tool for collecting feedback

and requests at any time, whether your office is open or not. Embed this form on your website, then choose to include advanced feature options like an Instant Thanks email to your tenants for confirmation and Rules & Alerts messages to you and your team for appropriate follow-up. You can even customize different alerts for different conditions, like if a tenant rates an issue as requiring immediate attention.

Plus, you can add follow-up notes once a situation is resolved through Post-Population. Add this form to your website, tenant portal, community newsletter, and email signature line to maximize the exposure and ensure your tenants know where to go when they have trouble. Of course, it’ll help you to keep track of what’s up next, too, and you’ll be able to fix the small issues before they get too big to handle.


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