RSVP Form Template and Questionnaire

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Whether you’re throwing a huge event or a small gathering, knowing how many people to expect can make planning a lot easier. Reach out to your guests and make a note of who will be attending using our RSVP Form templates. Ready to build your guest list? Our free RSVP response template is the place to start.

Event Management Simplified

  • Customized DesignsYour RSVP form should have all the appeal of an invitation. Reflect the theme of your event with extensive customization options, tailoring the RSVP response sample form’s design to highlight your style, add in the colors of your choice, and maybe even include a sneak peek of event highlights in photo or video form. Plus, the best events cater directly to guests’ needs, so find out if there’s anything they require or look forward to. You can’t always make everyone happy, but the more you can find out in advance, the better you will be able to serve your guests. Drag and drop in engaging question types to collect details without taking up too much of your participants’ time.
  • Instant Registration ConfirmationMake it easy for participants to become guests by ensuring your online RSVP form is responsive on every device, then ensure they show up by sending automatic confirmation messages. Based simply on completion or on the condition of your choice, send follow-up emails to thank those who have registered. Use piping and additional customization options to remind guests about the time, data, and other details of the event, as well as who to contact if they need to make any changes.
  • Live UpdatesKeep an eye on the guest list with live updates that instantly inform you about who will be there as soon as they respond. You can also get a quick glimpse of their responses and what they’re expecting, with powerful visual reporting and word clouds.


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