Staff & Employee Wellness Survey Template

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This Staff and Employee Wellness Survey template offers a solid foundation for an important conversation that shows your commitment to staff members. Learn about staff health and exercise habits in order to provide better support for achievement of personal health and wellness goals. Customize our wellness questionnaire to get the insights you need.

Without health and wellness, staff members are unable to deliver on their professional goals. Simply put: If you’re not well, nothing else matters. Even if the effect is not a physically contagious spread, the impact of poor health is felt across all areas of school life. Both students and other staff members suffer when wellness is not a priority.

Implementing a carefully designed wellness program can do wonders for staff members, both in improving their health and their professional success. The Staff Wellness Survey template offers you a confidential tool for collecting input on the health and exercise habits of staff members. By getting the right insights, our employee wellness survey can inform the creation or improvement of such a program. A hastily constructed one-size-fits-all program will be unlikely to help staff members achieve their personal health and wellness goals, and may even be negatively received. Instead, deliver a program that answers the challenge delivered by your wellness questionnaire results.

Collecting input from the very teachers and staff you are aiming to support, however, will provide a better picture of the offerings that will meet their needs. Healthier staff members will be more engaged, less likely to miss work days, and better equipped to manage their work-life balance. All jobs, and especially those in schools, can lead to stress, and staff members benefit from support of their health and wellness goals. Ensure a healthy environment for students and staff by starting the conversation and prioritizing wellness.


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