Training Feedback Form Template and Questionnaire

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Need to ensure that new recruits are up to speed? Wondering how that ISO training went? A training feedback form helps you understand how effective the training session was as well as any gaps in learning. Whether you call it training, professional development, or continuous learning, a strong development program requires both high-quality content and professional delivery. Collecting feedback from both trainers and trainees can help you to improve future programs and to ensure that learning is truly continuous. Ready to get started? Check out our training feedback form template!

Improve Your Training Program

  • Customize Your FormEvery form you share should reflect your organization. Tailor the training feedback template with your logo, enhance it with your brand colors, and ensure the form reflects your brand consistently throughout. Further customize each form by pre-filling details about individual participants and sessions, as well as setting logic to show only the most relevant questions based on a participant’s experience.
  • Ensure Anonymity Participants might be hesitant to give you honest feedback, especially if they’re not sure about how confidential the results will be. This is especially true of internal trainings, where your trainer could be your boss! It’s easier to collect candid responses by utilizing anonymous or semi-anonymous options on your training feedback survey template. Better, more honest feedback means better, more productive future trainings.
  • Analyze the ResponsesCollecting information without acting on it is completely pointless. . Drill down on your results with cutting-edge analytics and share beautiful, easy to understand graphs and charts in real time with our dynamic reports. Beyond the statistics, understand what your participants feel, spot trends, and decode written responses using our advanced Natural Language Processing tool.

Benefits of Using Training Feedback Forms

Honest, meaningful training feedback allows for continuous improvement in your development program offering. In turn, better training enables you to increase productivity, engage your workforce, and support and grow the team you need to get the job done.

Training feedback surveys have several key advantages:

  • Quantify training effectiveness
  • Measure training ROI
  • Understand employee pain points and knowledge gaps
  • Educate trainers on how their sessions are received
  • Improve future training sessions


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