Volunteer Application Form Template and Questionnaire

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Many important projects and initiatives are powered by the good work of volunteers. To make the most of everyone’s time and efforts, it’s important to match people with the volunteering position that leverages their skillset. That’s why the volunteer application form template is a great way to capture relevant data and create a fulfilling opportunity for everyone. However, you don’t have to start from scratch. Our free volunteer application form sample is designed with key questions to help you get started.

Let Your Form Do the Work

  • Be on the Same Page Volunteers are donating their time and skills to your cause. Make it easy and efficient for them to connect with you by embedding an application form directly onto your website. Match the style and logo of your site, generate the content, and embed the code to deliver a seamless, streamlined experience.
  • Automate Your MessagesOnce volunteers fill out their application form, what happens next? A follow-up thank-you email is a good start, along with a notification about next steps, and alerts about selection and assignment. Automate the entire process by integrating Sogolytics with your complete system to keep your volunteers and your staff in the loop at all times.
  • Security at the CoreCollecting the personal data of a wide range of volunteers requires prioritizing data security and privacy. Avoid collecting spam applications by using CAPTCHA on your forms, and ensure the sensitive data you do receive remains secure. Sogolytics conforms to the world’s leading standards of privacy and confidentiality. Our platform is regularly updated to maintain compliance with the most rigorous data security standards so that you can focus instead on the good work that you manage every day.


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