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Identify employee engagement drivers to realign priorities and create an impactful HR strategy to improve satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

Unlock the ultimate employee experience

How do your employees feel? With the right insights you can cultivate a work culture that truly engages your people and transforms business output!

Better Reputation
of employees at organizations that support employee well-being and engagement will likely recommend the organization to others.1
Increase Retention
of active job seekers are doing so because they dislike their current work culture.2
Improve Profitability
more profitable are the companies with a highly engaged workforce.3

Address key employee concerns to improve engagement, leading to higher productivity and accelerated business growth.

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Elevate your employee experience

Understand what matters to your employees to curate initiatives that incorporate their voice, nurturing a productive and proactive work culture.

Employ Anonymity

Capture candid feedback with assured anonymity to help employees feel comfortable in sharing feedback.

Leverage Sentiment Analytics

Easily break down open-text feedback with powerful sentiment analysis to identify what really matters to your employees.

Identify Engagement Drivers

With the right questions, you can spot the engagement drivers behind key metrics using our engagement report.

Drill Down on Insights

Don’t just view the big picture. Zero in on productivity roadblocks across teams, locations, and more to capture actionable feedback.

Track Changing Metrics

With real-time reports you can see changing trends and identify patterns in employee feedback to optimize your engagement strategy.

View Dynamic Reports

Easily view and present the impact of initiatives with ready, dynamic reports to get stakeholder buy-in.


Understand employee sentiments, roadblocks, and motivators with powerful analytics and improve work culture.
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Sims Limited, a global metal and electronics recycling organization, wanted to understand how to improve their employee engagement.

Spread across 200 facilities in 15 countries, it required an advanced level of sophistication to design, distribute, and capture insights that yield actionable insights on a nuanced level.

Sogolytics helped them optimize each survey with multilingual functionalities to capture the honest insights. The reports were further customized for the different internal viewers to help focus on what matters the most.

Expertly designed templates to get you started

The first step to getting the essential answers is asking the right questions.

Explore our range of survey templates to get started. Add in or modify questions to make it all about your organization, and share it with your employees to get started!

Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
Employee Work-Life Balance Survey
Employee Work-Life Balance Survey
Company Culture Survey
Company Culture Survey
See the Sogolytics Difference

Take a holistic approach with additional Sogolytics employee experience softwares.

Know the pulse of your employees and create experiences that hold value with SogoEX.

We help you collect honest and effective responses from employees to drive decisions that empower your employees, helping you create an engaging work culture.

Rethink Employee Engagement and Transform Your Work Culture
What is employee engagement?
What insights can surveys give about employee engagement?
How often should I survey my employees?
How often should I update my employee engagement strategies?
When should I send out the employee engagement survey?


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