Pulse Check: WFH Survey Template and Questionnaire

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How are your employees holding up? 

COVID-19 has redefined what’s normal, and remote working has further blurred the boundaries between work and life. This situation can have a direct impact on employees’ motivation and productivity levels. Find out how your team is doing, what their key concerns are, and more, with a quick employee pulse check.

Remote work comes with its own set of concerns. Unless you ask, employees won’t necessarily take the time to report any issues. Be sure you’re checking in on key touchpoints to address any potential friction with an employee survey.  To make sure you don’t miss out on something important, we’ve got a ready-to-use pulse check survey template to get you started.

Understand and Improve Employee Pain Points 

  • Easy CustomizationPerhaps you’d like to ask a few additional specific questions or remove those that are irrelevant. Each survey template provides a solid foundation but is completely customizable so you can build whatever you need. Tailor the colors to reflect your organization, add in your logo for consistency, and choose from a multitude of question types to prep the perfect work from home survey.
  • Flexible AnonymityNot every employee is comfortable with stating their pain-points – and anonymity might be just the thing to help them talk.  An anonymous project gives employees the confidence they need to provide candid answers and enables you to send blind automated reminders to increase response rates, making it a win for everyone.
  • Identify Response Trends The answers are in, but what do they mean?  Our leading analytics go beyond simple stats to deliver versatile graphs and charts that make it easy to identify and examine patterns to deduce key strengths and weaknesses. Address pain points to improve work performance and strengthen employee engagement, and keep the conversation going.  


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