Customer Testimonial Form Template and Questionnaire

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The most convincing marketing tools are your customer testimonials. Prospective customers are much more likely to trust you and buy your product when they see it recommended by other customers. While social proof is great, it doesn’t always come automatically. Some customers may volunteer to share their feedback and reviews, but to make sure you’re getting something useful, consider systematically sending a testimonial template to customers who have expressed satisfaction. . To make the most of each response, a customer testimonial form template helps you collect better quality responses that you can use as shout-outs on your website, case studies, and more.

Engage Your Customers

Perhaps you’ll discover that the product price point is a little too high, or get ideas about market demands – if you don’t accept feedback, who knows what you’ll be missing? Customer suggestion box forms can encompass every aspect of your business, and are an absolute must-have for retailers, both online and off-line.

  • Personalize Your Form Testimonials celebrate your brand, and your client testimonial form template should reflect your brand, too. Add in your logo, customize your brand colors, and show off your style to main consistency across all your collateral. You can also add in specific questions, additional answer types, and leverage powerful logic to include specific follow-up questions for only relevant customers , keeping them engaged at all times.
  • Multi-Channel DistributionIf you want customers to provide powerful testimonials, make it as easy as possible. Distribute the form through your preferred channel -- email, social media, or even embedded on your website! Our forms are optimized for responsive display on mobile, tablet, and desktop, ensuring your customers get the best experience no matter the device they use.
  • Manage ResponsesDon’t just collect the testimonials, manage them. Analyze satisfaction and loyalty with key CX metric questions, then drill down on what your customers are saying with our cutting edge Natural Language Processing analytics. Slice, dice, and filter all your data from one secure location and easily browse and select from the best testimonials to boost your marketing efforts!


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