Employee Engagement Survey

Cultivate engagement to grow success

Improving employee engagement improves customer satisfaction.

Employee Engagement Survey

Cultivate engagement to grow success

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Simple Design, Powerful Reports

SoGoSurvey makes it easy to collect loads of candid, quality responses – data that can really make a difference. Surveys are a snap to set up and painless to take, so you’ll have results in no time. Try it out for free.

Quick, Easy and Powerful

What learning curve? Our platform’s so intuitive, you’ll drag and drop like a pro in no time.

Top-notch 24/7 Support

Our US-based human support team fields questions into the wee hours and beyond. Talk to survey experts, one on one.

Smart reports

Expert Analysis for Everyone

Bring your expertise and we’ll bring ours. Our industry-leading reports are presentation-ready in just a few clicks. Get snapshots as you go, or drill down to identify patterns, problems, and trends.

Provide Employees a Safe Space

People are 3x more likely to respond to anonymous surveys. Ensure their privacy and security, and you’ll get their candid feedback.

Pre-fill Known Data

Why ask for information you already know? Pre-population shortens your survey so you get more responses and better data.

The Right Tool, On Your Terms

Just need to run one survey? No problem. Info-hungry? Sign on for a year. That’s between you and our flexible, affordable subscription options.

Need a head start? Our polished, proven templates get you off and running!

Employee Engagement Survey Templates

Employee Engagement Survey

Are your employees whistling while they work, or watching cat videos? Get the skinny with questions based on our 8 Employee Engagement Drivers.

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Manager Effectiveness Survey Templates

Manager Effectiveness Survey

Eavesdropping at the water cooler? Unreliable. Bugging the break room? Illegal. Take the high road: our survey will give you the low-down on management-employee relations.

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Employee Exit Survey Sample

Employee Exit Survey

Good people move on – make sure it’s for the right reasons. These thoughtful questions reveal negative patterns that may be draining your talent pool.

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Survey Report and Analysis

Put the squeeze on your data with SoGoSurvey’s best-in-class reporting

You know your organization better than we do, so we put the tools in your hands: 14 powerful, out-of-the-box reports, and endless ways to tailor them to your advantage.

Flexible, customizable, and intuitive, our hierarchical reports let you quickly sift through responses and isolate data using your own criteria, like departments, locations or initiatives. Compare results within a date range, or by a specific question or benchmark. You can easily delve deeper to reveal weaknesses and bright spots, and generate an Engagement Score based on 8 proven drivers of employee enthusiasm and productivity. With all that intelligence, management can make impactful adjustments and drive long-lasting, game-changing results.


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