Benevolence Application Form

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When those in your community are in need, how do you support them? Allowing applicants in need to complete an online form sharing their issues and requests respects their privacy and allows them to get the help they need efficiently.

Unfortunate events can affect any member of the community at any time. Whether it’s an illness or loss of a family member, financial hardship or job loss, property damage or crime, the range of challenges that members can face is troubling. However, as members of your community, those affected may reach out for support, and many faith-based organizations and religious institutions see it as part of their mission to support each other. The Benevolence Application is a form that allows a community member to formally request assistance in a private and confidential manner.

When this form is made available on your organization’s website, in newsletters, or in any other easily accessible location, your members know how and where to reach out if they need help. It can be very difficult for people to admit they need help, but allowing members to retain their dignity through a simple online process is a respectful approach that takes this challenge into consideration. Members can explain their issue, offer their request, and suggest references from within the community.

Collecting applications through this customizable form makes it easy for community leaders to come together and review the support that can be provided to members according to their needs. Communities rely on each other for support, and those who ask for help today may be the ones providing help in the future.


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