Church Employee Exit Interview Form

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Losing an employee of a church or faith-based organization can be especially difficult, as their connections to the community may be very close and personal. Learn all you can from their experiences in a sensitive and professional manner to make the most of the insights they can share.

Especially within a church or other religious institution, it can be difficult when an employee leaves. Employees may also be members of the congregation, may have close personal connections to colleagues or members, and may be facing challenging decisions about whether to stay on in the community.

No matter the reason or what comes next, seeking feedback from a departing employee can offer sensitivity to their situation and greater awareness to you as an employer. The Church Employee Exit Interview Form is customizable and appropriate for use in any religious institution or faith-based organization. Collect feedback on their experience, suggestions for improvements within the organization, and reasons for leaving.

Information you gather may lead to insights you can use to improve employee retention and the overall environment for all members of your congregation. While it may still be challenging to lose an employee, make the most of the opportunity to part on good terms and learn all you can for the benefit of your entire organization.


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