Company Retreat Planning Survey Template and Questionnaire

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A company retreat is a great way to build bonds, improve communication across teams, and create a strong work culture. Cultivate an engaging environment to boost employee morale and promote better communication by planning an enjoyable retreat.

Wondering where to begin? Let your employees have a say in the planning! The best retreats are ones where everyone is on board. By giving your employees a voice, you will be able to design a retreat that is engaging, inspiring, and effective, making it enjoyable for everyone.

Ask your employees what they’re hoping for from the retreat, which activities they are looking forward to, and more. Here’s our ready-to-use Company Retreat Planning Survey template to get you started.

Create the Best Company Retreat with Employee Insights

  • Customize Your SurveyPlan one of the best company retreats by asking your employees relevant questions. Configure your answer options based on the possibilities, and even include our advanced skip logic to bypass irrelevant questions. The more personalized, thoughtful, and comprehensive your company retreat planning questionnaire is, the better insights you will collect.Ensure consistency with all other company collateral by modifying theme and colors and adding your logo in the questionnaire, reminder emails, and reports!
  • Website EmbeddingSome employees may have more ideas and suggestions than others, but t’s important to give everyone a fair chance to share their thoughts. Invite answers from all your employees by making the form accessible on your internal site or intranet.All your employees need to do is log in or click on the URL and share their input. The results will be updated in real time so that you get a quick overview of the current mood as you chalk out the plans for the upcoming retreat.
  • Spot Response PatternsThe answers are in and your employees have made their preferences clear. Now, easily spot response patterns via our advanced analytics’ reports, then add in additional filters and segment the reports based on departments, geography, and more.Share the Company Retreat Planning Survey responses with the rest of your planning team to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Our shareable URL allows all team members to view the report – even those who don’t have a Sogolytics account!


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