Professional Development Course History Survey Template

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Want to boost your employees’ work performance? Professional development courses can help unleash their potential and streamline productivity in your office!

However, before you roll out a set training program, it’s important to understand what courses your employees have already completed, which they need, and which aspects of their current work may be presenting challenges. Why not learn their course history by asking them directly?

Our Professional Development Course History Survey template is a great place to get started. The completely customizable template includes all of the core questions on professional development courses to learn which courses are completed and which are still required. Customize the flow as needed with department- or role-specific courses, plus leadership course options for your management team.

Unleash Employee Productivity with the Right Professional Development Courses

  • Automated RemindersThe more answers you get, the better you will understand just which professional development courses are needed to boost efficiency. That’s why Sogolytics  allows you to set up automated reminders for all those who haven’t participated yet – even when you’re using our Anonymous Survey feature! Schedule reminders at regular intervals and keep responses rolling in throughout the survey window.
  • Leading AnalyticsYour employees have answered – so what’s the verdict? Get a quick overview of response patterns and trends to identify pain points and understand which professional development courses are required to transform workplace performance. Our leading analytics help you dissect the responses to each question in the most visually effective format, while segmentation and filters help you assess responses based on teams, employee roles, and more. 
  • Ready-to-Use Reports You have all the answers, and the analytics have painted the final picture. Ensure that your training and management teams are on the same page with shareable, real-time report links. These dynamic URLs ensure that even those who don’t log in to your Sogolytics account can view the report and get a quick overview of the responses!


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