Remote Work Readiness Form Template and Questionnaire

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Whether you’re hiring someone new or shifting to a long-term work-from-home plan, it’s important to have the process in place. The right job readiness assessment tools can help you understand your new hires and employees a little better and strive to make remote working more productive.

Working from home is no longer just a temporary measure for many organizations. For many, it’s the established new normal. That’s why it’s important for you to understand how ready your employees are – and determine what you can do to support their success and improve their productivity.

Are they comfortable working outside the social interactions that an office environment affords? Is their work performance affected?  Get strategic insights with the help of our completely customizable remote work readiness form assessment and chart the path forward.

 Boost Productivity with Key Insights

  • Anonymous SurveysMake employees feel more comfortable providing honest answers by making the remote employment readiness assessment anonymous, and even send automatic reminders to non-participants to increase response rates.
  • Insightful Reports and AnalyticsUnderstand what your answers mean with in-depth analytics that help you draw strong inferences. Our ready-to-use reports make it easy to understand patterns at a glance, spot key pain points, and identify any employee engagement issues. Plus, get an overview of the text responses with our leading Natural Language Processing analytics solution. 
  •  Live URLs  Want to keep everyone on the same page as results come in? Share live reports with your team members and partners – even those without Sogolytics accounts – so that they are looped in on the responses as well. Dynamic reports offer everyone a real-time view of the changes taking place, helping you identify overarching trends and key insights. 


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