Accessibility Survey Template and Questionnaire

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The secret to company growth is an environment that inspires and encourages all employees, no matter their abilities or strengths. In fact, by creating a level playing field for all, companies can benefit by attracting skilled professionals and retaining top talent, thereby creating a workspace that fosters innovation and loyalty.

While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates all employers to provide accessible work environments for all employees, blind spots can still exist.

Understand how your employees perceive your measures and learn about how to be more inclusive of all team members with our accessibility survey. Ask these critical questions in order to learn your employees’ perspectives and uncover key concerns they may be facing.    

Improve Workplace Accessibility and Reduce Employee Churn

  • Customizable Survey TemplateUnderstand employee sentiments and improve their engagement with the help of a comprehensive ADA survey. Our accessibility survey questionnaire is designed to give you a strong foundation to build on.  Add or remove questions to ensure organization-specific insights, and get accurate answers using the perfect question type from our bank. You can also take advantage of features such as focus mode, to create a more interactive experience, and skip logic, to show only relevant questions.
  • Anonymous Survey Especially when dealing with protected personal information, be sensitive to the fact that employees react differently to sharing the problems they face. In fact, not all employees will feel comfortable being candid while answering the accessibility survey questions. In order to encourage more transparency in answers, we offer Anonymous Surveys.  Choose to send a completely anonymous survey which comes with the Sogolytics seal of assurance, giving all respondents confidence in the confidentiality of their answers and providing you with actionable insights.
  • Leading Analytics  You get the answers, we manage the rest. Deep-dive into responses to see overarching patterns, note employee concerns based on customized filters, and discover employee engagement strengths and weaknesses to understand key areas that need your attention.  We offer leading analytics to help you not only glimpse overarching data patterns, but also glean nuanced insights using features such as our sentiment analysis reports, engagement reports, and more.


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