Inclusion Survey Template and Questionnaire

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Your diversity questionnaire can give you the raw data, but in order to create the ideal work culture, you need to first understand how your employees feel.  Simply looking around won’t give you the answers you need. Ask your employees directly in order to understand their experience. Are they feeling safe? Do they believe that the company encourages and respects their identities? Are there any overarching concerns that need to be addressed?

Beyond diversity survey questions, understand belongingness with the help of our inclusion survey template. These key questions deliver a solid foundation on which to build this critical conversation, while allowing full customization to cover the topics most relevant to your business and workforce.

Increase Employee Belongingness and Drive Inclusivity

  • Anonymous SurveyWhile we know that nurturing a team can help it grow, you need candid feedback to power your strategy. Otherwise, even with the best of intentions, you might be completely missing the market. Anonymity makes it easier for your employees to give candid feedback and for you to gain a better understanding. Our anonymous surveys come with a guanrantee, assuring participants of their privacy and winning their trust to give you the authentic feedback you need. 
  • Presentation-Ready Reports Answers are not enough. Be ready to review and share a quick visual overview of your employees’ diversity and inclusivity sentiments with the help of captivating reports. Visualize overarching patterns, compare responses over time to spot trends, and identify employee engagement pain points with the help of our engagement report.  The presentation-ready reports can also be shared with your colleagues — even those who don’t have a Sogolytics account — using dynamic data reports to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Leading SecurityYour employees are disclosing some of their most private information to you, and it’s your responsibility to ensure absolute confidentiality. We understand the importance of protecting your data, and we adhere to leading global security standards. Our platform is regularly updated to maintain the highest standards of data security while also protecting all our clients against any potential breach. With Sogolytics, rest assured that your information will remain yours alone. 


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