Diversity Inventory Survey Template and Questionnaire

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The right diversity and inclusion initiatives can transform your work culture and strengthen your team through mutual respect and understanding.  Opening up this conversation provides employees a safe space to perform their best without fear of repercussions based on their identity.  A more diverse workspace is also more innovative, delivering products that truly cater to market demands through a better understanding of the real world.

However, to ensure that you don’t take any missteps and are respectful of everyone, you need to first understand what makes your employees who they are. Rather than making assumptions, start by asking the right questions.

We've made it simpler for you to reach out and understand your employees with our workplace diversity survey template. Our completely customizable template includes key  workplace diversity questions to help you get started.

Understand Your Employees Better

  • Anonymous SurveysMake it easier for your employees to be honest using our Diversity Inventory questionnaire with guaranteed anonymity. Our anonymous survey guarantee reassures employees, enabling them to give you genuine answers. Learn about how diverse your workforce is, where they come from, how they identify, and any issues or challenges they have faced. With the promise of assured anonymity, you may learn something new and therefore create a more mindful and supportive environment for all.  
  • Automated Reminders Increasing the response rate of your workplace diversity study allows you to gain a more accurate understanding of the diversity in your company to take the most impactful inclusivity measures. Schedule automated reminders for non-participants, even when you’re sending out anonymous surveys, and boost engagement. It’s as easy as that.  Automated reminders help nudge your employees to respond, encouraging them to participate and give you the information required to create a more inclusive and encouraging work environment. 
  • Leading Security Measures  No matter the information you’re collecting, privacy is important. However, when you’re sending out a diversity survey questionnaire, your employees are trusting you with some of their most intimate information – making security absolutely essential. We respect this trust, and our data privacy is our top priority. Sogolytics adheres to the most stringent global security standards, regularly updating our practices to keep pace with the evolving world and to continue delivering on our promise of uncompromised confidentiality. 


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