Team Evaluation Survey Template

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Teamwork has a powerful effect on organizational performance. Ideal for small teams, this powerful Team Evaluation Survey uncovers individual team members’ feelings and attitudes about their teams, as well as their perceptions of their team’s overall effectiveness. Specific sample questions include ratings of team leaders, team collaboration, team decision-making processes and overall satisfaction.

Team dynamics have a significant influence on organizational performance as well as long-term viability. Successful collaboration and teamwork requires your employees to work together as effectively as they can.

Working as a member of an effective team is motivating, fulfilling and rewarding, but a high- performance team is not simply a collection of highly talented and capable individuals. High-performance teams are developed and nurtured over time through effective leadership, shared goals, and thoughtful reflection.

The Team Evaluation Survey assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a team, and with those results, individual members can take focused action to build on their strengths and overcome areas of weaknesses. It suitable for any team, whether members have worked together for many years or been brought together recently.


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